Rosh Hashanah

7 Sweet Ways To Use Apple Butter This Rosh Hashanah

Kosher.com Staff August 24, 2022

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Two words. Apple Butter.


For those of you who have never had apple butter, it’s basically a more concentrated version of applesauce. It’s cooked for longer, giving it a rich yet fresh apple flavor, and is exceptionally silky smooth in texture.


It goes wonderfully spread over toast, bagels, or swirled into yogurt. But as you’ll see from the recipes below, apple butter goes way beyond just that!


We’re talking Apple Butter Swirl Loaf Cake, Apple Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Butter Glazed Tzimmes, and Apple Butter Frangipane Tart to name a few.


With Manischewitz’s Apple Butter, you can have the delicious taste of apple butter in all your Rosh Hashanah dishes, without having to cook a single apple.


Plus, with Manischewitz’s cool packaging vibes, a jar would make for the perfect Rosh Hashanah gift basket with the accompaniment of a fresh round challah.


We know you’ll love this product as much as we do- plus it’s the perfect way to bring in fall.


  1. Apple Butter Frangipane Tart by Shushy Turin
    A frangipane tart is a reminiscent of marzipan with its almond-ey taste but it combines the best fruit of the season with the gentle nutty flavor of almond. With Manischewitz Apple Butter, you can make this recipe year-round! This recipe freezes beautifully so I love to save whatever we don’t eat in pretty slices in the freezer to serve with some tea when impromptu guests come over.

  2. Apple Butter Glazed Tzimmes by Micah Siva
    Tzimmes has always been one of my favorite holiday dishes. I love the combination of sweet and savory root vegetables with plump dried prunes. This year, I’m using Manischewitz Apple Butter in place of honey, for a healthier version of this sweet dish! I love that this apple butter is made with just apples and apple juice, for a punch of autumn flavor that is perfect for my high holiday menu!

  3. Apple Butter “Knafeh” Cups by Ashira Mirsky
    I love the combo of salty, sweet and flaky. I’m definitely not a cake kind of dessert person. So, I decided to try some flavors of knafeh by combining it with apple butter. These fall-inspired flavors will certainly impress!

  4. Apple Stuffed Cookies by Batsheva Kanter
    This is the perfect sweet treat to end your Rosh Hashanah meal.

  5. Apple Butter Swirl Loaf Cake with Brown Sugar Crumble by Alison Gutwaks
    This is THE perfect Rosh Hashanah dessert, breakfast, snack, or gift basket add-in!

  6. Apple Butter Snickerdoodles by Erin Grunstein
    This recipe was a fluke – I had extra dough from my mini apple pies and decided to roll into balls and bake it. I was wowed by the results.

  7. Honey Soaked Apple Butter Rugelach with Date-Raisin Filling by Sarah Lasry
    Of course when one thinks Rosh Hashanah pastry the first thought that comes to mind is RUGELACH! Well, if you lived in my house and grew up inheriting the “dreaded honey cake” syndrome, you too would understand my immediate tastebuds preserving word association. Instead, I chose to redefine “Rosh Hashanah Honey Dessert” for my daughter and have introduced her to the indulgent joys that are these honey liquor-soaked, apple butter-shmeared date and golden raisin stuffed rugelachs. Believe me when I say, one bite of these and you will be making these little gems year round.