Betty Crocker Recipes- Chol Hamoed Edition

Kosher.com Staff September 28, 2023

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At this point in world history, if you don’t know what a Betty Crocker is, we would send you to see someone about that. When it comes to the Betty Crocker, the sky is the limit, and we have heard all of the suggestions.

“Don’t just make pizza! Make eggs!”

“Hello, you know you can use it to grill chicken or meat, right?”

But we know the basics, and sometimes we want that different and special culinary experience, especially because it is a holiday. We believe in having beautiful and special meals on Yom Tov, regardless of the setting and where your travels take you. And the Betty Crocker makes that a completely achievable reality.

This might just be the most appetizing Chol Hamoed yet!

1. Minute Steak

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? Spice your minute steak with salt, pepper, and garlic. Then put it in the Betty Crocker with some consommé and water for moisture. Close it up and let it cook until desired doneness. Alternatively, try out this recipe on the go. Just note, It takes that much quicker than it typically does in the oven.

2. Chimichangas

If you are in the mood for something really special and different and don’t mind a little extra prep before travel, these cheesy chimichangas are a great and unique meal option. Chimichangas are essentially deep-fried wraps. Wraps are a classic travel food, so these are not too far off the beaten path. You will not be disappointed when you give these a try.

3. Squash Parmesan

We all know about the ability of a pizza maker to make pizza. But just because you’re on a family trip, it doesn’t mean it can’t be healthful and wholesome. Try this lightened up version of pizza that literally requires 3 ingredients. Cut your squash at home, stack, and cook. Enjoy!

4. Wings

Little bites of chicken smothered in BBQ sauce. Simple, easy, and finger-licking fantastic! By design, wings are cute and festive and the perfect way to celebrate the Chag while on the run. 

5. Cheese Pancakes

Prepare the batter at home and have a creamy and delicious meal in wherever you are sitting in a sukkah.

6. Sauteed Peppers

I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to forgo a side dish just because I’m not home. I like my meals complete if it can be helped. Enter these beautiful and vibrant peppers. No sacrifices needed- on sides and on flavor!  

7. Pizza

Well, yes. If you want to use your pizza maker to make pizza, we can’t say we blame you. We can only offer you a delicious recipe to help you make that happen. If you have the time to sauté the mushrooms and shallots at home before your trip, bring it along to just top your pizza before baking!

8. Salmon

Bring the sauce along in a plastic container to eliminate prep time on your outing. Healthy, wholesome, filling, and ready in minutes.

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