Shabbat Menu- For Meat Lovers

Kosher.com Staff May 5, 2021

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Since Shavuot is only a week away, we decided, why not focus on meat this week.

In general, I am not a big meat eater. On Shabbat, I make my mains meat and everything else I like to keep parve.


However, a few weeks ago someone gave me cold-cut pastrami and I didn’t know what to do with it (my family doesn’t like it plain). I started to search on Kosher.com and I found two recipes- pastrami eggrolls and pastrami pizza. They both sounded delicious, so I gave them a try, and they were a success! 


It got me thinking that maybe I will start including some more meat items into my Shabbat menu, and that beef-fry salad is really calling my name! 

Happy Cooking!



Beef-Fry Salad by Michal Frischman

While beef fry and salad seem like food opposites, this is perfect for when you want a little “sometimes” food to make things interesting.


Honey-Garlic Chicken Katsu by Estelle Chait

Here the cutlets are bathed in a sticky honey and garlic sauce, then sliced into thin strips and served on a bed of rice, with pops of color from scallions and black sesame seeds. 


Shabbat Pulled Beef by Faigy Murray

The easiest pulled beef, pour everything in a crockpot and let it cook for 12 hours until it’s ready to be pulled. Perfect for Friday night or Shabbat day!


Green Bean Cold Cut Salad by Brynie Greisman

This salad is really an all-in-one with vegetables, pasta, and protein, perfect for a light spring meal!


Pastrami Lukshen Kugelettes by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

These kugelettes are a huge crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves pastrami, and the mini shape makes them easy to serve and fun to eat.


Hot Chocolate Chip Pie with Ice Cream and Fudge from the Dining In Cookbook

Looking to spruce up your typical chocolate chip cookies? Try out this Hot Chocolate Chip Pie with Ice Cream and Fudge. The pie is chewy and warm and the drizzle of hot fudge brings an extra chocolatey element, making this dessert out of this world!