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Family Table Celebrates One Year of Kosher.com!

Family Table January 24, 2018

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Birthdays are a funny thing. On one hand, the last year feels like it flew by, but we also kind of can’t remember a time when we weren’t working on the resource and revolution that is Kosher.com. Now that it’s been a year since we launched kosher.com, and a full two years since we got involved with one of the most exciting and fun ventures we’ve ever done, we can take a 5 minute break and reflect back on the highlights of Kosher.com’s launch year. Make yourself a nice iced coffee (we’re going with this winner) and a treat (granola anyone?) and join us!


We blindly entered this venture not knowing what was in store. What’s now a solid team of uploaders, tech geniuses, editors, and production staff, started off as a skeleton staff of just a few, connected by our passion for food and our love of sharing amazing content. We knew it would be well-received, but the instant success of the site was a shock, even to us! People loved the magazine archives from all of their favorite sources (especially Family Table, of course!), they loved the new exclusive recipes we created for the site, and they loved the recipe videos. It’s no surprise that Faked Ziti, Esty Wolbe’s genius dinner hack was one of your all-time favorites. After all what’s not to love? Cheesy, easy, and made in one pot? Nothing  wrong with any of that at all.


Kosher.com quickly became a haven for many popular food personalities, and it continues to be a great place to get to know the chefs you love in magazines, cookbooks, or on social media. While our viewers love Family Table’s quick recipe show, Shortcuts by Family Table, making it the number-one show on the site, Danielle Renov (from Family Table’s very own Dinner Hour) took the site by storm with her super popular show, Dinner with Danielle.


We learned a lot of interesting things, like the surprising fact that many readers prefer a recipe roundup to other, content-driven types of articles. In fact, Kosher.com staff’s Yom Tov recipe roundups dominated the lifestyle space! The only article that came close was from our favorite creative genius, Esther Ottensoser. Her unbelievably adorable Edible Perler Beads How-To got kids and parents alike in the kitchen this Chanukah, and that’s a win for everyone!


Here are some facts, figures, and faces that make Kosher.com the site you love today:



Esty Wolbe, Easy Does it With Esty Wolbe: “My favorite day on set  was the last one in late August. Everyone came with their A game, ready to roll and we knocked out 5 incredible videos before 4 pm! Including wardrobe changes and nursing sessions in between shoots. Talk about cooking with tantrums!”



Chanie Nayman, Kosher.com Editor in Chief: “I love that the content on the site is unlimited. Just today we put up a recipe round-up of 49 ridiculously easy dinner ideas that I hand-picked from thousands of archived recipes. I pulled a bunch of Family Table recipes from over the years. This is something I only have the luxury of doing when a friend calls with a request for a desperately needed supper idea, pulling something out from 5-6 years ago that never goes out of style.”



Leah Gottheim, Kosher.com Vice President: “I love hearing from people that Kosher.com makes their lives easier. I love when parents tell me they got new recipes from our site that their picky families loved. And when they tell me their younger kids love to watch the videos, and they’re confident that all the content is kosher, so they have a few minutes to cook while the kids are happy, and then the older kids join them in the kitchen and cook together making the recipes they just learned; it really makes me happy! So many parents have so much pressure in their lives, so much to do and it’s hard to make delicious nutritious meals day in and day out. I like to know our work can help them.”



Danielle Renov, Dinner with Danielle: My most memorable day was definitely filming the blind barbecue sauce taste test. At that point Kosher.com was still a newborn, none of us knew each other, and it was hysterical. Usually, being blindfolded and given foods to taste is an activity I save for people I know for more than a few minutes, but we just jumped right in. It was belly achingly funny, awkward, and thankfully, very entertaining. Let’s just say, next time you’re in a room with a bunch of people you don’t know…ice breaker. You’ll all be friends instantly.



Naomi Nachman, Sunny Side Up:  Being part of a team that champions kosher and support each other is amazing. I love everyone I work with, and they inspire me every day to be a better cook.




Renee Muller, Renee’s Table: I love hanging out on the couch with my kids and kosher.com. We watch one video after another and always end up getting hungry. But it’s great because my kids urge me to try the new recipes and when the request comes from them I’m sure they will eat it.



Thanks for a terrific year of ideas, laughter, and of course good food! Stay tuned for more! 



Reprinted with permission from Mishpacha Magazine’s Family Table.