Rosh Hashanah

Family Table’s Our Tishrei Table 5774

Kosher.com Staff September 12, 2023

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If you buy Mishpacha magazine, you will have noticed that this week’s usual package was accompanied by the bonus Tishrei cookbook. As you flip through, you are treated to beautiful pictures of elegant dishes, elevated classics, and extraordinarily flavorful Yom Tov fare. Each page of the supplement is worth bookmarking to try out for Yom Tov, but there is only so much we can experiment. For your convenience, we have rounded up a selection of recipes to sample or just to seek inspiration. Enjoy!

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1. Citrus Salmon With Date and Herb Paste by Naomi Nachman

I make salmon a lot during the year and keep trying to come up with new recipes. This one is perfect for Rosh Hashanah, as I like to incorporate simanim into all my dishes. It presents so beautifully on a long platter, with a pop of color from the citrus.

2. Sticky Five-Spice Spare Ribs by Michal Frischman

I love, love five-spice, but I know it’s a bit of a strong flavor and not usually found as a pantry staple. Let this recipe change your mind! It’s a small amount but it packs a serious punch. And once you come to love the warm clove/cinnamon/anise notes as much as I do, add a pinch to soy-sauce-based marinades and dressings for a little extra something special.

3. Crispy Skirt Mushroom Potstickers by Michal Frischman

We are going through a potstickers phase in my house. It’s not the easiest or quickest to make, but delicious really does trump all, and if you make ahead and freeze, that definitely helps.

4. Roasted Cauliflower Flanken Soup by Brynie Greisman

This soup has a creamy texture, and delicious, albeit slightly tangy taste, which is enhanced by the meat component. Roasting the veggies first adds a welcome dimension of flavor. Not heavy at all. Just perfect! Freezes well too.

5. Butternut Squash Garlic Soup by Michal Frischman

This recipe is inspired by a great soup I had in a café recently. It was one of those hearty, warm, filling bites that had me craving it a few days later. That’s high praise in my book! It’s totally hearty enough to be a meal in a bowl, but if you don’t want it to be so heavy you can always add another cup or two of broth to thin it out. And don’t worry, you don’t taste the coconut, it just makes it creamy.

6. Portobello Mushroom Jerky and Pomegranate Salad by Chanie Nayman

Candying the portobello mushroom strips creates a mushroom jerky that is irresistible — the true star of this salad. You can change up the components in the salad, using whatever’s in your fridge. You’ll be making this jerky again and again.

7. Rosh Hashanah Salad by Estee Kafra

This delightful combo includes some of the Rosh Hashanah simanim. Great as an appetizer accompanied by a small piece of fish, or as a complement to your main course.

8. Just-Right Sweet and Saucy Brisket by Brynie Greisman

A symphony of flavors that blends together to give you a sumptuous, elegant roast like you’ve never tasted before. Simchas Yom Tov at its best!

9. Veal-Pocket With Crispy Herb Crumbs by Estee Kafra

This meat gets cooked low and slow. The crumbs add extra flavor and texture and are a nice finishing touch. You can use the crumbs to coat cooked fresh green beans as well.

10. Stuffed Cornish Hen with a Twist of Parsley Perfection by Chaya Surie Goldberger

For Rosh Hashanah I prepare simple yet impressive meals that don’t compromise on flavor and presentation. As we prepare for fall and winter season, this Cornish hen recipe is not only good for Yom Tov but also a great Friday-night comfort

11. Batter-Baked Chicken Fingers with Wine-Berry Sauce by Faigy Grossman

Doable and delicious, these chicken fingers are bursting with gorgeous color and incredible flavor. Wine pairs with berries to create a fabulous dipping sauce; drizzle it over the chicken or serve it on the side.

12. Beef Fry, Potato, and Herb Skillet Tart by Suzie Gornish

Scalloped potatoes are a favorite not only for my family but also for my private clients. This is a twist on the classic recipe. Making it in an iron skillet cooks all of the flavors together nicely. Serve this as a side dish on a large round platter, and everyone’s eyes will turn. It’s a showstopper!

13. Vegetable Trio Pasta Delight by Chaya Surie Goldberger

Yom Tov is all about tradition, so when I plan my menu, I include many traditional foods and try to make them exciting with a bit of a twist.

This recipe was inspired by the square noodles (lokshen) that chassidim eat over the Yom Tov season of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Succos. There are two reasons that I know of for eating these square noodles. The first is that they have four corners, keneged arba kanfos ha’aretz —there’s one Hakadosh Baruch Hu over the four corners of the world, and we want to remember this as we daven for the new year ahead. The second reason is because throughout the year we prepare skinny noodles, which in Yiddish are called din (dina lokshen). At this time of year we want rachamim from Hashem and not din. May Hashem have rachamim on all of us and grant us a good year!

14. Toasted Mushroom Salad with Minty Dressing by Sima Kazarnovsky

Initially, I assumed I would want to place these mushrooms on a bed of greens, but then they would just fall into the category of “toppings” for another salad. I refused. These mushrooms must be the star of the show; the toasting gives them beautiful color and incredible texture, while the mint dressing coats them in a unique and fresh flavor.

That being said, if you need a salad, feel free to toss them with some greens, as shown here. I’m just being dramatic.

15. Spicy Meat-Filled Delicata Squash by Chaia Frishman

Whenever I serve delicata squash at my Shabbos table, inevitably someone asks me what it is. I explain it as follows: “It’s what happens when a butternut squash meets a sweet potato. You get all the soft, thick, sweet flesh taste of the latter with the healthy low-carb benefits of the former.”

Now, I’m no Rorie, but you can follow me for any inane healthy food suggestions at your own risk. Stuff it with a delicious spicy ground beef, and you have a lovely appetizer, side, or main. We should make more vegetable shidduchim, if you ask me.

16. Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pavlovas by Chavi Feldman

Peanut butter is to chocolate like cream is to coffee! I think we can all agree that it’s an irresistible combo guaranteed to kick almost any recipe up a notch. These light and airy, melt-in-your-mouth pavlovas are the perfect sweet-and-salty experience to wrap up a wonderful Yom Tov meal. Go ahead and indulge!

17. Pear and Passion Fruit Mousse Cups by Faigy Grossman

I was so excited to discover frozen passion fruit puree cubes in the supermarket freezer; this delicious and flavorful fruit is sometimes difficult to find and is usually quite expensive. I knew I wanted to create something special for Yom Tov with it. This airy and exquisite-tasting mousse cup is elegant and easy at the same time, perfect for a Yom Tov dessert!

18. Caramelized Fig Streusel Tart by Suzie Gornish

As a child, I loved the fall, and I always looked forward to Rosh Hashanah, especially the new seasonal fruits. I began making this jam streusel tart about 20 years ago. I’ve played around with different fruits and found this caramelized fig filling delicious and upscale.

19. Baked Apple Fritters with Vanilla Honey Glaze by Sima Kazarnovsky

If you love the texture of muffin tops, these cookies are for you. A fresh take on apple and honey baking, these fritters are perfect with a cup of coffee and durable enough to pack into a container for kiddush in shul. The combination of sweet vanilla glaze and tangy apple morsels makes it an easy cookie to enjoy at any point!

20. Lime-Infused Bundt Cake by Chavi Feldman

I’ve always loved the tart and tangy taste of lime, and this cake is no exception. Bursting with a tropical citrus flavor, it’s a new fave! And remember…when life gives you limes, just rearrange the letters and smile!