Our Roundup Of Fun Chanukah Food Crafts

Kosher.com Staff November 28, 2023

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This roundup of Chanukah food crafts was super fun for us to put together. It reminded us of all the fun Chanukah content we’ve done over the years. From Donut Faces and a Dreidel Cake with Edible “Sand” Art, to Edible Perler Beads and a Chanukah Gelt Piñata Cake.

These creations have been enjoyed in so many of our readers’ homes on Chanukah that we wanted to shine the light on them once again so they can bring magic to families everywhere this year as well.

Be sure to visit back regularly to see all the new ideas we’ll be sharing in the coming days.

1. 4 Fun Ways To Use Chocolate Gelt! by Rachel Kor

Chocolate gelt is great on its own, but if you’re looking to create some fun new crafts this Chanukah, then chocolate gelt is the perfect item to work with. Check out these 4 crafts and let your imagination run wild!

2. These Donut Faces Will MAKE Your Chanukah Party by Rachel Kor

Are you hosting a Chanukah party this year? If the answer is yes then have I got a must-make for you! I call them DONUT FACES! 

3. This Candy Dreidel Needs To Be At Your Chanukah Party! by Esther Ottensoser

Here’s a sweet idea for a Chanukah party centerpiece or activity. Prepare it beforehand, or have your creative attendees build their own masterpieces. Either way, they’ll all leave on a (sugar) high!

4. Edible Flood Art Cookies by Esther Ottensoser

Acrylic pouring technique has created some truly awesome pieces of art. Between the vibrant, complex color combinations and the dreamy, flowing patterns, artwork created through acrylic pouring can look absolutely stunning. Though these pieces seem intense and challenging, they’re actually easy to create.

It’s also a lot of fun to try this technique on cookies – great results and a great activity.

5. Spinning Chanukah Dreidel Cookies by Esther Ottensoser

Have a ball rolling and swirling these original and fun Chanukah cookies.

It may take a couple of tries to learn the technique, but once you master it you’ll get a thrill as you roll each cookie and see the swirl you create.

6. DIY Chanukah Cookie Puzzles by Esther Ottensoser

Here is a cute idea that involves many activities. I hope you enjoy this baking, drawing, painting, and playing activity!!

Use as many square cookies as you like to create a puzzle.

7. Dreidel Cake with Edible “Sand” Art by Esther Ottensoser

Create this pretty rainbow dreidel cake using crushed fruit loops as “edible sand.” I love that making the sand is a fun and entertaining activity in itself.

8. Candy by Number by Esther Ottensoser

Many children and adults dabbled with Diamond Art Painting in some form, at some point during quarantine. I took that excitement and brought it “to the table” with an edible Chanukah twist.

9. Cheerio Donut Tic-Tac-Toe by Esther Ottensoser

So have you heard about the new, really low-calorie donuts that were featured here on Kosher.com?! You can eat about 10 for under 50 calories!

Use these tiny Cheerios donuts to create this adorable mini tic-tac-toe game using 2 different color donuts.

10. Mail Your Family Colorful Gelt Pouches for Chanukah! by Esther Ottensoser

These pouches are perfect for sending family and friends across the country your warmest Happy Chanukah wishes.

11. The Ultimate Chanukah Hot Chocolate Bombs! by Esther Ottensoser

With Hot Chocolate Bombs being the latest rage, I decided to try making them in a donut shape in honor of Chanukah.

This activity is a cool and fun activity for teenagers.

12. Chanukah Memory Game + Free Printable! by Esther Ottensoser

Memory has long been a favorite game for many generations.

13. 7 Easy Hands-On Chanukah Activities for Kids by Shushy Turin

Chanukah is usually associated with doughnuts, dreidels, and latkes, but for me, Chanukah is all about activities.

14. Edible Perler Beads are Your New Favorite Craft by Esther Ottensoser

The thought of Chanukah brings back memories of warm cozy nights, eating latkes and donuts, playing dreidel, and enjoying fun, special and creative activities. Chanukah brings a unique opportunity for family and friends to get together, more so than the rest of the year. Nothing makes these encounters more positive for the children than a well thought out activity. These projects can create memories that last throughout the year and beyond. This idea was adapted from a post on my blog a few years back. It has been a big hit at parties, Sunday clubs, and school and camp activities, and is sure to add excitement to your Chanukah activity program. Recommended for ages 5+. Here’s how you can do it at home!

15. How To Make This Meat Dreidel For Chanukah! by Esther Ottensoser

Dreidel, “meat” your Chanukah party presentation. Served on a lazy susan – go ahead, give it a spin. It’s a guaranteed win!

16. How to Make a Chanukah Gelt Piñata Cake to Surprise Your Guests by Sabrina Gornish

As a part time baker with a full time job and two little kids, I’m always looking for ways to wow a crowd with minimal effort. When Chanukah comes around, I try to find something different from the usual jelly donuts and fried foods. Enter, the Chanukah piñata drip cake!

17. How To Host The Most Amazing Chanukah Cookie Party (No Baking Required!) by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Chanukah is in the air, and we can feel it! This cookie decorating party is a fun way to get into the Chanukah spirit. You can save it for a rainy Sunday afternoon in Kislev or a special Chanukah vacation activity! I used Manischewitz’s pre-baked sugar cookie kits, which made the whole setup such a breeze. Prepping the cookies, sprinkles, and icing bags in advance makes the cookie decorating process a lot less stressful for everyone!

And because Manischewitz thinks of everything, be sure to check out their Chanukah cookie houses. They’re perfect to give as a gift and make a great party activity as well!