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Fake-out Takeout: Your Restaurant Favorites At Home

Kosher.com Staff December 15, 2020

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With the kids home for winter break, along with the expectation to have special Chanukah meals all 8 nights, it’s no surprise that a lot of us turn to takeout for a quick and flavorful delivery meal.


Though takeout is nice every once and a while, we’re big fans of turning out our favorite takeout dishes from the comfort of our own kitchen.


Not only are the delicious restaurant-quality recipes below easier to make than you’d expect, they’re healthier than those sugar and salt-loaded versions you order in and they make for a great Chanukah family activity!


  1. International Sesame Chicken by Faigy Grossman

  2. Chicken Chow Mein from the Dining In Cookbook

  3. Wontons in Garlic Sauce by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

  4. Sweet and Tangy Lemon Chicken from the Dining In Cookbook

  5. Mini Egg Rolls from the Dining In Cookbook

  6. Saucy Sesame Chicken from the Nitra Cookbook

  7. Chinese “Takeout” Chicken by Ashira Mirsky

  8. Chinese Crispy Beef (Paleo, Gluten-Free) by Tamar Teitelbaum

  9. Chinese Sauteed Chicken and Vegetables from the Dining In Cookbook

  10. Stir-Fried Rice by Faigy Grossman

  11. Asian-Glazed Spare Ribs by Brynie Greisman

  12. Quick and Easy Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry by Chayie Schlisselfeld

  13. Easy Fake-Out Chinese Chicken and Vegetables by Sarah Botwinick

  14. Chicken Potstickers by Faigy Grossman

  15. Rib Steak with Peppers and Basmati Rice by Avigail Maizlik

  16. Crispy Orange Beef by Sarah Lasry

  17. Chinese Lemon Chicken by Estee Kafra