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Shabbat Menu – 6 Easy Recipes that Impress

Shabbat Menu - 6 Easy Recipes that Impress

“Please don’t patchke,” It’s the first thing you hear from your friend (or mother… or mother-in-law…) after you invite them to a Shabbat meal- Am I right? And what do I always respond? “Oh, of course not!”


What I really need is a go-to list of things that look nice, taste delicious, but still holds me to my commitment of not going too crazy. 

We compiled a bunch of easy, short-ingredient-list recipes here that totally fit into this category, and you can be 100% truthful when you proudly say you didn’t go overboard for your guests! 

Happy Cooking!



Savory Duck Rillettes Shells by Chanie Nayman

This is the perfect dish that can be thrown together at the last minute, or even better, delegated to an eager helper! 


Trifle Salad by Shira Hochberg

Not only is this salad super easy and delicious, but it looks super impressive and is a great way to impress guests.


Pull-Apart Deli Pie by Faigy Grossman

When you think of appetizers that please everyone, it’s impossible to ignore the magic of “pull apart.” This beautiful deli flower is full of pastrami, turkey, and more. 


Satay Trio by Rivky Kleiman

Tender chicken, beef, and mushrooms marinated to perfection. Skewered for serving ease and dipped for your eating pleasure. The perfect party food.


Roasted Asparagus and String Bean Bundles by Esther Deutsch

This delicious and easy side dish recipe is perfect for a Shabbat when short on time. 


Baked Pear Compote with Spiked Cream and Lotus Crumbs by Estee Kafra

Baked pear compote is always a winner for a light dessert. The flavors of this dish come together to create a wonderful combination, with the cream and the crumbs adding just the right amount of flavor and texture.