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Shabbat Menu- Clean Eating

Shabbat Menu- Clean Eating

I love chocolate mousse. 


There is something so rich and decadent, yet light and fluffy about it. The key is to use good quality chocolate, and it brings the mousse up a whole new level. 

The problem I find with making chocolate mousse from scratch is the recipe either calls for raw eggs or non-dairy whip. Not to start a controversy, but I am not a fan of using either of those options. That’s what I got excited when I saw the recipe below. 


This Chai Chocolate Mousse is made with aquafaba (gasp!). I know it sounds crazy but I may just give it a try this week! Will you?


Happy Cooking!



Veggie Bean Soup by Brynie Greisman


Creamy, satisfying, nutritious, and full of flavor, and the best part, this soup is made in the crockpot! 


Pepper Steak Salad by Michal Frischman


This salad can be used as a side dish, appetizer, or part of the main meal. It’s light, fresh, and full of flavor!


One-Pan Autumn Roast Chicken by Sina Mizrahi


This one-pan dish is not only practical and easy, but the way the flavors meld in the pan creates a delicious fusion of flavors. This is a chicken dish that’s both comforting and delicious and will surely become a family favorite.


Rorie’s Easy Ratatouille by Rorie Weisberg


Enjoy this unfussy, easy ratatouille with any protein, from eggs to fish, meat or chicken. It’s also delicious served on top of spaghetti squash and topped with feta cheese. Serve this dish hot or cold to add a low-carb side to any menu.


Chai Chocolate Mousse by Jamie Feit


It’s nearly impossible to find a parve dessert that is easy, delicious, and healthy. That’s why this mousse is special – it somehow meets all three criteria!