Shabbat Menu- Maple-Glazed Everything

Kosher.com Staff July 22, 2021

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Maple glazed anything is a favorite flavor profile any time of year, but somehow when it gets cooler outside, I feel like we deserve the sweet treat. I can’t be the only one who looks for treats for myself when walking up and down the aisles doing my mid-week shopping, right? Just checking. 

Pure maple syrup (not to be confused with pancake syrup) screams a super organized Sunday morning breakfast with pancakes and syrup as a treat. And while this weekend’s clock change does allow another hour for that kind of breakfast feat, I’m not quite there yet.

First, I’m going to douse my Shabbat menu in maple syrup, and then we’ll worry about Sunday!


Happy cooking!


Caramelized Pumpkin Salad by Rivky Kleiman

This squash salad has a sweet maple dressing that’s used both to marinate the squash before roasting and to dress the salad, creating a burst of delicious fall flavor.


Maple-Glazed Rack of Ribs by Naomi Nachman

Sweeten up your main course with this delectable, fall-off-the-bone recipe. Forget pancakes, you’ll want leftovers Sunday morning…


Roasted Cauliflower with Maple Sriracha Dip by Sina Mizrahi

Sweet + Savory + Spicy? Sounds good to us. Just because you’re using maple doesn’t mean your meal should be one-note. 


Hearty Banana Muffins with Vanilla or Maple Glaze by Maidy Heller

Who doesn’t love a good, easy banana muffin recipe? Bananas and chocolate chips are a natural pair, and the vanilla or maple glaze adds a nice twist.


Maple-Glazed Winter Vegetables with Ginger Pecan Crunch by Rivky Kleiman

Try a side that’s a little different from your usual this week and you will be rewarded! Roasted squashes and beets with a maple dressing and a ginger-pecan crunchy crumble topping are a perfect side dish for the season.


Hot Oat-Chip Pie with Maple-Pecan Sauce by Faigy Grossman

Tired of the typical hot chocolate chip pie that is good, but so common? The combination of delicious flavors in this satisfying variation on the classic will have you adding this dessert to your list of favorites!