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Shabbat Menu: One-Pot Meals

Shabbat Menu: One-Pot Meals

I love one-pot dinners!


The beauty of one-pot meals is how the flavors meld together to create a warm and hearty meal. The protein flavors the vegetables and carb to create a mouthwatering dish. This type of cooking is very popular in Moroccan cuisine.


But the real question is, have you ever served one for Shabbat? I once did a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit! Especially now that Shabbat is coming in earlier, why not make your life easier by making the main dish a 3-in-1. 

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

Happy Cooking!



Quick One-Pot Chicken and Rice by Renee Muller


Here’s a favorite that takes only five minutes to assemble. The rice gets soft and mushy and absorbs all that great chicken flavor!


Sheet-Pan Capon Dinner by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen


Hide some veggies under chicken — and the result is so good! The chicken gave delicious flavor to the veggies and gave them an almost steamed feel. 


7-Ingredient One-Pot Chicken Dinner by Esther Deutsch


In this recipe, chicken, potatoes, and broccoli are cooked together with herbs, steak seasoning and plenty of whole garlic. The whole dish is ready in one, two, three.


Chicken, Barley, and Lentil Stew by Sina Mizrahi


This rich, hearty stew is the perfect way to welcome Shabbat. This one is well-seasoned, a breeze to put together, and hearty enough to satiate.


Caramel Apple Crisp by Rivky Kleiman


Apples and caramel are always a dynamic duo. This sure-bet winner is bound to become a family favorite!