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Shabbat Menu- The Easiest (and Most Popular) Last Minute Shabbat Main

Shabbat Menu- The Easiest (and Most Popular) Last Minute Shabbat Main

You know when you’re watching a cooking show, and you get really inspired to make a dish? And then you go to the pantry or fridge and realize you don’t have 90% of the ingredients? Yeah, so do we. 


That’s why this week is all about the minimalism. Each of these recipes can be made with 7 ingredients or less. We can probably manage those numbers with our pantry. 

Happy cooking!



Mushroom-Parsley Salad by Michal Frischman


Change up your salad routine with this herb-forward mushroom salad. It’s roasted and dressed with a vinaigrette and fresh herbs that will have you taking seconds. 


Duo of Fish Skewers by Whisk

Easy to prepare, two-tone fish skewers set the stage for a delightful, impressive light outdoor reception. Served with sweet potato ravioli and grilled garden vegetables.


Deli Spirals by Chavi Feldman

This recipe turns deli roll into an amazingly elegant appetizer that will be gone in a matter of minutes.


Pastrami-Topped Chicken by Esther Ottensoser

This one is an instant family favorite. Add a salty crunch to your crispy chicken — no one will be complaining. 


Last-Minute Miami Ribs by Estee Kafra

A perfect, no-fail option for a last minute dish. These Miami ribs couldn’t be simpler! 


Mini Peanut- Butter-Swirl Ice Cream Sandwiches by Faigy Grossman

These adorable ice cream sandwiches are easy to prepare and make a perfect dessert, even when everyone’s already stuffed to the hilt!