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9 Choice Snacks For All-Night Learning on Shavuot

Kosher.com Staff June 6, 2019

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When staying up all night learning on Shavuot, we know the struggle of keeping alert and preventing major hunger is REAL. That’s why we’re bring you a bunch of snack ideas to help fuel your body and keep you going all night!


We chose some recipes that are sweet, some that are salty and a few that are packed with healthy ingredients to ensure you stay energized!


Chag Sameach!


  1. Oatmeal Thins by Marilyn Ayalon

  2. Homemade Beef Jerky by Kosher.com Staff

  3. White Chocolate Cookie Butter Nutty Buddies by Chaia Frishman

  4. Health Is Best- Chia Seed Peanut Butter Balls by Riva-Fogel-Landy

  5. Truffle & Rosemary Popcorn by Shulamith Betesh

  6. Low-fat Chewy Oatmeal Bars by Brynie Greisman

  7. Cookie Butter Pretzel Snack Mix by Shushy Turin

  8. Chocolate Energy Balls by Faigy Fink

  9. Apricot Bars from the Dining In Cookbook