Shabbat Menu- For Serious Tahini Lovers

Kosher.com Staff April 11, 2021

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As our days turn into weeks and months, and we can no longer remember what day it even is, I’m constantly looking to fill my family’s time with some kind of focus and something meaningful. Lessons can be drawn from everywhere and skills learned from the things you never thought of pre-Coronavirus. 


My kids’ favorite new thing is making concerts, borne from the karaoke microphones we got (which we now have three of, due to popular demand!). My kids spend plenty of time practicing and planning and simply enjoying the process. When something is purpose-oriented, it gives a day context and creates a goal to work towards. 

We approached our new MyKosher Kids contest with this in mind. Replace the aimlessness with a focus. Something to work towards. Something to feel proud of. We know that your children participating in this contest will put their all into it. They will surely choose their dish carefully, plan it out, get everything ready, and make it look as delicious as possible. We hope they learn and gain from the process, and enjoy the journey while they’re at it! 

We can’t wait to see all those entries! Good luck, everyone!


Shabbat Shalom!



Salsa Salmon by Estee Kafra

Whole-sesame tahini is filled with vitamins and minerals and is the base for the popular techina that you are familiar with. It also has a wonderful deep flavor that reminds me a bit of peanut butter. Try it in this beautiful salsa that is sure to brighten any festive table.


Sweet and Succulent Chicken by Brynie Greisman

We all want a healthier chicken recipe without compromising taste or texture, and without ingredients that we can’t pronounce, or that takes too long to prepare. Here is the perfect recipe!


Beef Pizza with Sausages and Tahini Drizzle by Chef Yisrael Doudex

This pizza is inspired by Lahmajun, a Sephardi dish of thin dough topped with ground meat and chopped vegetables. I added the sausages to take it up a notch — and catch your kids’ interest too.


Creamy Sesame Noodles by Brynie Greisman

Inspired by Asian cuisine, these noodles are dressed in a wicked creamy sauce that is complex and tempting. This dish is packed with nutritious ingredients that are satisfying and good for you.


Roasted Carrot and Chickpea Salad in Harissa-Tahini Sauce by Sina Mizrahi

The carrots shine through the spice blend they’re coated in, and the crispy chickpeas add a crunchiness that’s unexpected and delicious.


Vegan Tahini Almond Thumbprint Cookies by Mighty Sesame Co.

Egg-free and dairy-free, these almond thumbprint cookies are perfect for serious tahini lovers.