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What To Eat The Week Before Passover Once The House Is Clean

What To Eat The Week Before Passover Once The House Is Clean

So you’re cleaning your house for Passover this weekend and wondering what your family’s going to eat this entire week once the kitchen is turned over.

We’re in the same boat – here’s what we suggest.


1. Go for wholesome foods like veggies, fruits, and fish. 

2. Choose dishes that are really easy to make like hot dogs, french fries, and shakshuka.

3. GRILL! Throw all your veggies, chicken, beef, and fish on the grill so there’s little-to-no cleanup in your newly sparkling kitchen.


4. No-cook foods. Go for some yogurt with fruit or cottage cheese and freshly chopped Israeli salad.


5. Takeout! Give your local eateries some extra business and order out – and eat it outside, too.


  1. Layered Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing by Brynie Greisman

  2. Spinach Tomato Frittata by Nechama Norman

  3. Sautéed Tuna Salad with Lemon Dressing by Tamar Teitelbaum

  4. Roasted Veggies and Quinoa by Rivky Kleiman

  5. Turkey Rollup by Rorie Weisberg

  6. Omelet with Feta and Fresh Tomatoes by Estee Kafra

  7. Mason Jar Cobb Salad with Ranch Dressing by Chanie Apfelbaum

  8. Nectarine-Feta Tossed Salad by Brynie Greisman

  9. 5-Minute Shakshuka by Estee Kafra

  10. Marinated “Grilled” Vegetables from the Dining In Cookbook

  11. Layered Parfait by PJ Library

  12. Baked “Siti” (aka Ziti) by Rorie Weisberg

  13. Salmon or Tuna Patties by Rorie Weisberg

  14. Shepherd’s Pie from the Nitra Cookbook

  15. Citrus Baked Salmon from the Dining In Cookbook

  16. Quick Ratatouille by Reva (Blander) Yaffe

  17. Turkey Loaf with Gravy by OU Kosher

  18. Classic Egg Salad by Sina Mizrahi


On The Grill:


  1. Guacamole Frank by Chanie Nayman

  2. Grilled Chicken Kale Salad by Michal Frischman

  3. Pepper Crusted Steak with Grilled Corn Salad by Chayie Schlisselfeld

  4. Maple-Herb Split Minute Roast by Michal Frischman

  5. Burger Lettuce Wraps with Pickled Cabbage and Onions by Estee Kafra