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Chanukah Snack Board


Chanukah is always a time of lots of entertaining, and if you know me, you know I love a good snack board! It’s easy to throw together last minute, and there’s something for everyone. It pairs well with wine, so everyone’s happy.   When building a board, it’s all about variety, texture and, of course, color! You want lots of options for the guests to snack on.   Try out Cheesy Truffle Latke Bites, Waffle Latke Bites, or Potato Latke Cups on this board!


Prepare the Chanukah Snack Board

1. First, pick a board; slate, marble, or rustic wood work perfectly. You want it big enough that you have room for everything, plus some extra space so it won’t be too crowded.
2. Place your big items first, including all your big cheeses and bowls of condiments. Use condiments that pair well with the snacks being served, so in this case that’s mushroom ragu, sour cream, applesauce, jams and pesto. They all work well with both latkes and cheese, and can all be switched up!
3. Add your latkes on small appetizer plates. Small latkes work best for this so you can take them with your hands and fill them up easily. I’ve added waffle latkes, latke cups and cheesy potato latke bites. Other things you can add include lox, or charcuterie-style cold meats if you’d rather go the meat route.
4. Next, fill in your spaces with different types of crackers, dried fruits, nuts and some fresh fruit. Don’t worry about things looking perfectly neat; you can pile it up high—the messier the better. Add some greenery, like rosemary, for color… and don’t forget the red wine!


Photography by Chay Berger