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Shabbat Menu- Camping Inspired

Shabbat Menu- Camping Inspired

This week’s Shabbat menu has all the recipes and feels I missed about my childhood camping days.


To be honest, I have only gone camping twice but there are certain memories you just remember, and camping is definitely one of those.

This week’s recipes are truly perfect for these upcoming summer months.  Who needs to pack up to go on a trip when we have it all right here in the dining room? The kids are already laying out their sleeping bags in the living room.


Happy Cooking!



Barbecue Beef Sticks by Rivky Kleiman

These beef sticks are a terrific blend of flavors, producing magically tasty food. 


Umami-Glazed Wings by Michal Frischman

Our Umami Glazed Wings are not only crispy but gluten-free too! With a caramelized sauce, we are sure these will have you licking your fingers for more. 


Creamed Beans and Franks from the Nitra Cookbook

Fried onions and sliced fried hot dogs? Yum! This easy-to-make, family-friendly meal is sure to become a favorite when you’re looking for something simple and quick to make.


Grilled Corn with Harissa Mayo by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Our Grilled Corn with Harissa Mayo is a great side to any dish. Lime is a natural complement to corn, and the flavor combo is delicious! 


Veggie Kabobs from the Nitra Cookbook

These veggie kabobs will add so much to your barbecue. Between the gorgeous colors and the great flavor, this will be a hit with everyone. 


S’mores Trifle by Victoria Dwek

This dessert will bring you back to the mountains. The smoking fire, the dripping marshmallows, licking the dark chocolate off your fingers…yum!


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