Shabbat Menu- Enhancing Flavors with Lemon

Kosher.com Staff June 2, 2021

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I love lemons. Anything fresh, citrusy, and tangy is my kind of food! I always have a big jar of freshly squeezed lemons in my fridge.

My favorite way to get fresh lemon juice is to use my electric citrus juicer. In minutes I have tons of delicious and fresh juice to have fun with! I put it in homemade salad dressings, marinades, on roasted veggies, to make techina and hummus, in desserts, and my favorite summery treat lemonade. 


There are endless possibilities of sweet and savory uses for lemon, so here is an entire menu inspired by this humble fruit!

Happy Cooking!



Everything Spice Roasted Salmon by Elizabeth Kurtz

This healthy salmon is super simple, very pretty, and incorporates both savory and sweet flavors. It can also be served warm or at room temperature, which makes it perfect for Shabbat day!


Sweet and Smoky Rosemary Grilled Chicken by Erin Grunstein

This simple grilled chicken recipe is fabulous for a weeknight or Shabbat.


Lemon-Harissa Green Vegetable Trio by Chanie Nayman

This flavor combo is a family favorite. It feels like a step up from weekday green beans and perfect for Shabbat!


Lemon Fruity Quinoa Salad by Brynie Greisman

This salad is really easy to throw together. It’s never boring, as you can sub different herbs and fruit. It’s packed with lots of good-for-you nutrients and can be served warm or cold.


Strawberry Lemon Galette by Chanie Nayman

Does anything scream summer more than a fruit galette? This dessert is summer in a bite. With the combination of fresh, sweet strawberries and tart lemons, you can’t go wrong.