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17 Shabbat Mains For When Cholent Is On A Break 

Kosher.com Staff June 28, 2023

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We know. There is nothing as comforting, wholesome, and Jewish as cholent. But, it’s summer and it’s hot and maybe a steaming bowl of barley and beans doesn’t seem so appetizing. Or maybe you are having a small Shabbat with no need for a full crockpot of cholent. Or maybe…you just don’t love cholent?

We won’t disclose the reasoning, but we will say that no one will be disappointed with these unique and flavorful alternatives.

1. Healthier Shabbos Day Meat Board by Odaiah Leeds

Boards have been a fad for a while now. There are dessert boards, cheese boards, appetizer boards…the ideas are endless. They are so fun and easy to prepare and have that wow effect. This Shabbos meat board is a fun way to spice up your Shabbos seudah. Schnitzel, deli, beef jerky…you can add anything and everything to it. Here are a few of my favorites. Note: I find beautiful wooden boards at Home Goods in Brick.

2. Pulled-Brisket-Topped Kishka with Daikon-Jalapeño Slaw by Chaya Surie Goldberger

While trying to stay traditional yet wanting to be a bit innovative, I created this brisket-topped kishka, which combines traditional and modern Shabbos lunch staples.

3. Healthy Deli Roll by Alexa Greenblatt

Who would have ever thought deli roll could be healthy? Well, here it is! A delicious, healthy deli roll made with egg crepini wraps instead of puff pastry. Everyone that does my program LOVES it! It’s really good and tastes just like the real thing! We have officially found a way to make deli roll healthy and delicious! If you are looking to eat more delicious classic foods while losing weight… Reach out to Alexa! www.alexaplanmydiet.com

4. Pastrami Horseradish Buns by Batsheva Kanter

A healthier version of everyone’s favorite deli roll – with an extra kick! 

5. Garlic Roasted Turkey Breast by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Roasted garlic is easy to make and gives off a whole extra level of flavor. Once the garlic is roasted, I mixed it with chopped herbs to make an incredible rub for the turkey. Pair the turkey breast with Herzog Lineage Sauvignon Blanc.

6. Sesame Soy London Broil by Rochelle Daniel

This sesame soy London broil is marinated with delicious & savory Asian flavors. It comes together and cooks really quickly, making this the perfect flavorful main dish for any meal – not to mention a beautiful presentation.

7. Salami Hasselback Chicken by Daniella Silver

Chicken breasts are stuffed with salami and slathered with sweet and sour sauce. Serve whole for a main dish or, for an amazing appetizer, replicate these same flavors in bite-size with the variation below.

8. Artichoke Skirt Steak Salad by Chaia Frishman

When I played with this recipe, my family knew they would be getting different variations of it. I served it every week for a month, tweaking it to perfection. Since skirt steak is a bit of a luxury item, we save this for Shabbos Mevarchim or Yom Tov. I sometimes choose to keep the peppers raw. My family knows to leave me a good portion of the artichokes. How is that for love?

9. Grilled Chicken with Creamy Parve Ranch Dressing by Faigy Murray

If food got rewards for flavor, this one would win a gold medal, hands down! I like to double the ranch dressing and use it in salads.

10. Sweet and Spicy Drumettes by Batsheva Kanter

The cola adds a subtle caramel flavor and will have you literally licking your fingers.

11. Summer Lamb Chili by Tamar Teitelbaum

Summer Lamb Chili is a rich and hearty dish, filled with Mediterranean flavors. It’s perfect for a Shabbat lunch!

12. Chicken Taco Bites by Michal Frischman

These are perfect for a crowd and easy to prep ahead. To avoid soggy tortillas, assemble just before serving. Thanks to Shevy G. for this idea!

13. Pulled Brisket Pizza by Chayie Schlisselfeld

A few months ago, my husband was involved with a fundraiser for Chasdei Lev, an organization that helps Rebbeim buy food for Yom Tov at a discounted rate. The chef for this event was Sruli Subar. All the food was delicious, but the pulled brisket pizza was my favorite. I contacted Chef Subar to ask him if would share this recipe, and he graciously sent it over. I simplified it for the home cook. 

14. Chicken Breasts with Charred Nectarine Salsa by Estee Kafra

15. Honey Coated Crispy Chicken by Elky Friedman

This recipe is so simple, not even a beginner in the kitchen can mess this one up! And it still tastes great. So if you need to whip something up quick…like an extra main at a meal with unexpected company…or for erev Shabbos when you have a lot of hungry “noshers” looking for a quick bite, this is just the thing!

16. Lamb Chummus Plate by Michal Frischman

This looks like a laundry list of ingredients, but it’s not complicated if you do what I do and stand in front of the spice cabinet, pull them out, use them, and put them right back. This is my go-to dish to elevate any meal from nice to amazing in one easy swoop.

17. Slow Cooker Yapchik by Yussi Weisz