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7 Vibrant Salad Recipes To Make On Repeat

Kosher.com Staff October 19, 2023

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The greatest things about salad is its versatility. They can be a meal, or they can be a side; they can be filled with fun ingredients, or they can be filled with nutrient-dense power punches. The not-so-great thing about salads is the bug-checking. So when someone comes along and creates a product that requires no checking whatsoever, we are here for it! And we are not turning back.

Grown with innovative vertical farming, Bowery produce is uniquely free of all bugs and pesticides, presenting us with a beautifully fresh and natural product.

Salads can be whatever you have in your fridge, but we have selected a few recipes that are our favorites to use when it comes to Bowery produce. Delicious, vibrant, and oh-so easy, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

1. Kani Cobb Salad by Faigy Murray

Nothing like a delicious fresh salad packed with greens and protein to get you through the day!

2. Lean Green Fighting Machine Salad by Shushy Turin

This is one of my favorite salads to make. You barely need a cutting board – I prefer to chop everything in hand with a pair of scissors and it’s so texturally satisfying!

A solid lettuce is necessary with this salad – something crisp and delicious.

3. Summery Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette and Sourdough Croutons by Sina Mizrahi

Having Bowery Farms’ lettuce is incredibly convenient, easy and makes it quick to put together a delicious salad. Make the salad your own by swapping ingredients based on preferences or what you have on hand. Enjoy!

4. Summery Salad with Corn and Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette by Ruth Fox and Vicky Cohen

This salad came together so deliciously! It’s so fresh and crisp and the mix of flavors is like a taste of summer in your mouth!

5. Mediterranean Salad with Quinoa and Roasted Chickpeas by Ruth Fox and Vicky Cohen

With flavorful Middle Eastern flavors, this salad is textured, bright, and versatile enough to return to again and again.

6. Spring Salad with Radish and Feta by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Light, refreshing, easy, and beautiful in its presentation, this salad is a keeper.

7. The “Perfect” Shabbos Tex Mex Salad by Marla Rottenstreich

Tacos, but make it healthy. This salad has all the flavors of Mexican cuisine and the accompanying satisfying texture in every bite. Enjoy!