Shabbat Menu- Pantry Cooking

Kosher.com Staff April 18, 2021

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Who’s ready for a Shabbat roundup with recipes you can cook FROM THE FREEZER!!! Whoohoo!!!! Just trying to stay sane, and sensitive to everything that is going on around us. Since we’re all working remotely anyway, I’ll let you in on a conversation Rachel Kor and I had yesterday morning. 

Rachel Kor: Chanie, what are you making for Shabbos this week? I think people could use some expert advice.

Chanie Nayman: Lol same things I make all the time.

Chanie Nayman: A whole chicken, blistered string beans, maybe I’ll make a yerushalmi kugel to get rid of pasta (husband’s fave), roasted frozen cauliflower (b/c I tried to stock up on frozen veggies), chicken soup made with turkey necks from the freezer, small batch of challah (b/c I’d rather use up flour than go to the supermarket to buy challah). For dessert, I think I’ll make a chocolate cake. Maybe Hershey cake recipe.

Chanie Nayman: P.S. My new trick with Hershey cake is to use 1/4 cup melted chocolate instead of 1/4 cup cocoa in the batter. Unreal. 

And there you have it, Shabbat without leaving your house. 

Shabbat Shalom,



Good Old-Fashioned Chicken Soup by OU Kosher

Make yourself some good old-fashioned chicken soup, the classic bowl of Jewish comfort food. Perfect for Passover or Shabbat dinner. 


Whole Roasted Lemon Garlic Chicken by Chayie Schlisselfeld


Sometimes the easiest suppers are the tastiest ones. This chicken takes minutes to prepare, you can put it your oven and forget about it for five hours, and come back to a delicious, moist, flavorful roasted chicken.


Sweet and Spicy Lukshen Kugel from the Dining In Cookbook


This is a sweet and peppery classic Jewish side dish, appropriate for nearly any occasion, from Shabbat or holiday dinner to a family celebration.  


Broccoli and Cauliflower Duo by Elky Friedman


This is the classic side dish, reinvented.


Healthier Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies by Estee Kafra

Looking for a dessert that you can sneak some healthier ingredients into? These chocolate oatmeal cookies are the perfect treats!