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A Week Of 30 Minute Meals For Busy Parents

Kosher.com Staff January 31, 2022

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Happy Monday!


Last week we published an easy and delicious meal plan to help you with the dinnertime rush. This week, we are taking things a step further by offering you a meal plan you can make in under 30 minutes. Yes, really!


As usual, we’re including recipes for beef, fish, chicken and dairy lovers, so everyone in your family gets something they enjoy throughout the week.


We hope this meal plan makes your week that much easier and more delicious!


Monday: Sloppy Joe Pita Sandwiches

From the Nitra Cookbook


This dinner is packed with protein and super kid-friendly, covering all the bases and coming through in a pinch.


Tuesday: Asian-Style Tuna Tacos

By Adina Schlass


These tacos with buttery soft ventresca tuna, avocado, radish, red cabbage slaw, and Asian-inspired dressing are unique and different enough to keep everyone happy till the last bite.  


Wednesday: Cashew and Green Bean Chicken

By Rivky Kleiman


My daughter, who watched as I whipped up this dish, tasted it and exclaimed, “This should be called ‘fab in 20.’ ” Indeed, it’s an absolutely fabulous dinner. Prepared in one pot and ready in 20 minutes. What could be better?


Thursday: Faked Ziti

By Esty Wolbe


This is my Faked Ziti (“Baked Ziti”). There’s no draining and no baking and the easiest thing to make for dinner. It’s super quick and you can do it all with one hand, because when it’s supper-o’clock you’re probably doing something else with the other. Watch the video!