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The Best Iced Coffee Recipes For Shabbat

Kosher.com Staff June 8, 2021

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Ahhh, it’s finally Shabbat.


Now it’s time to kick up your feet with something extra special like an amazing, over-the-top, iced coffee that hits the Shabbat spot!


The coffee recipes below are made extra special with the addition of ingredients like chocolate syrup, chocolate liqueur, and cookie butter. Getting your caffeine fix just got so much better.


The only downside? These delicious recipes will only worsen your coffee obsession.


And take a peek at the sweet treats below to enjoy on the side.


Who else is ready for Shabbat?


  1. Iced Mocha Coffee by Nechama Norman

  2. Cookie Butter Iced Coffee by Tamar Teitelbaum

  3. Coconut Iced Coffee by Victoria Dwek

  4. Heering Coffee Egg Cream by Kosher.com Staff

And because you can’t have your coffee without something sweet on the side:
  1. Shabbat Morning Cappuccino Milk Muffins by Estee Kafra

  2. Hazelnut Date Biscotti by Rorie Weisberg

  3. Coffee Chocolate Marble Cake by Chavi Feldman

  4. Babka Bites by Paula Shoyer

  5. Orange Biscotti from the Dining In Cookbook