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Let us introduce you to Dip The Apple, Kosher.com's special calendar to guide you through this Tishrei holiday season. From Rosh Hashanah through Sukkot, we have something to offer you to upgrade, elevate, and increase your enjoyment of every step of the journey.


Let's get started.


Machane Yehuda, Friday, 11:30 am.


If you've ever been there, you can picture it in a moment. Riotous colors, pungent aromas, and shopping bags laden with sweets. A patchwork of lifestyles coming together, engaging in animated negotiating, and we drink in the sights and sounds. 


Machaneh Yehudah shuk

I have a challenge for you. It's a tough one.


Think of a noun that springs to mind when asked to describe yourself. Just one.


Mother. Daughter. Wife. Friend. Recipe creator. Food stylist. Baker. Photographer. Writer.


Ok, that was more than one. See? I told you it was hard.


You may know us as your favorite social media food accounts; you may follow us for our innovative recipes, our cataloging of daily minutiae, or our lifestyle tips. But, like all women, we, too, are multi-faceted.


Spearheaded by Danielle Renov of @peaslovencarrots, we will spend this month showcasing our talents in a different dimension.

With the same signature styles you have come to know us for, we invite you to welcome Tishrei with our “Dip the Apple” initiative. Every day of the month, a different recipe creator will share something with all of us- décor, food, inspiration.


Kosher.com, and on instagram, @kosherdotcom, is our shuk, and we, your market vendors.


Just like you rely on that charif from that kiosk to complete your Shabbos table, we will be showcasing the confections and the meats and the salads you rely on us for on our individual pages. But what is a shuk if not a one-stop-shop; what is a shuk if not the amalgamation of all kinds of food, talents, and diversity? There is strength in numbers, and here, there can be inspiration in unification.


Welcome to the Kosher.com “Dip the Apple” initiative.


~~Intro By Rivki Rabinowitz, @577fresh

Dip The Apple
Schedule of Events

All Dip the Apple Takeovers can be viewed on the kosher.com Instagram stories for 24 hours after they were posted.


(Archived versions of the stories will be posted as videos on this page below the schedule as they become available- so if you don't have Instagram, or you missed something you wanted to watch, don't worry! Just check back in below.)

Monday 8/20 Simanim Poke Bowls Naomi Nachman @naominachman
Tuesday 8/21 Round Challah Braiding Tutorial Naomi Elberg @naomitgis
Wednesday 8/22 Super fast, 1 Bowl, Minimal Ingredients Dessert Bonnie Klein @bonniesbites
Thursday 8/23 Inexpensive Floral Arrangements Sina Mizrahi @sinamizrahi
Sunday 8/26 Pomegranate recipe Chanie Apfelbaum @busyinbrooklyn
Monday 8/27 How to Maximize your Freezer Space Chumi @theicedlife
Tuesday 8/28 Tablescape for Setting Your Rosh Hashanah table Esther Kadoch @estherkadoch
Wednesday 8/29 Rosh Hashanah Dessert Melinda Strauss @kitchentested
Thursday 8/30 Connecting to the Tefillos (Prayers) Even Though You're Not in Shul Adina Gres @financialconcierge
Sunday 9/2 DIY Table Project for kids (for during the Rosh Hashanah meal) Faigy Murray @mykitchen_mystudio
Monday 9/3 Tips on Reheating: How Not to Dry Out Your Food Chaya Suri Leitner @spiceandzest
Tuesday 9/4 How to Make the Second Night Meal a Success: Food that Reheats Quickly Eve Elenhorn @flavorfulfit
Wednesday 9/5 Shabbos Shuva: The “Between Shabbos” (after Rosh Hashanah & before Yom Kippur) Rachel Goodman @rachelgoodnutrition
Thursday 9/6 Kreplach recipe Debbi Weil @debz.w_slimmingworld_foodie
Wednesday 9/12 Simple Chicken recipe Beth Warren @beth_warren
Wednesday 9/12 Dairy Soup You Can Prep Ahead Sara Goldstein @tomatoes_tomahtos
Thursday 9/13 Dairy Baked Goods You Can Prep Ahead Danielle Renov @peaslovencarrots
Thursday 9/13 Activities to Keep Kids Busy on Yom Kippur Jill [email protected]
Sunday 9/16 Foods to Prep In Advance for Kids to Eat During Yom Kippur Guila Sandroussy @tastyandhasty
Sunday 9/16 Sukkot Travel Info Dani Klein @yeahthatskosher
Monday 9/17 Sukkot Travel Packing Tips Ida Levy @kitchenaccomplished
Monday 9/17 Decorate Your Sukkah: How to make Mommy Happy with Pretty Walls and Keep Kids Happy Too Shushy Turin @cookinginheelss
Thursday 9/20 DIY Sukkah Decor Project for Kids Malkie Knopfler @the_comic_cook
Thursday 9/20 How to Make a Beautiful 3 Layer Sorbet Chaia Frishman @fruitplattersandmore
Motzei Shabbos 9/22 Flower Arrangements for Your Sukkah (That Don't Attract Bugs) Rivki Rabinowitz- @577fresh
Sunday 9/23 Over-the-Top-Amazing Patchke Dessert You'll Only Make on Sukkot Sam Adler @frostingandfetttuccine
Wednesday 9/26 In-the-Sukkah Pitcher Cocktail Recipe Sabrina Oziel @the_sugar_box_mtl
Wednesday 9/26 Chol Hamoed recipe (Prep  in the Morning, Ready by Night) Tali Kleiner @just_food_by_t
Thursday 9/27 Simchas Beis Hashoeva: How to Feed a Large Crowd with Ease Naomi Ross @cookingconcepts
Thursday 9/27 DIY Simchas Torah Project for Kids  Esty Wolbe @cookingwithtantrums





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Inexpensive Floral Arrangements

Sina Mizrahi @sinamizrahi

Easy Rosh Hashanah Chocolate Bark

Bonnie Klein @bonniesbites


Round Challah Tutorial

Naomi Elberg @naomi_tgis


Simanim Poke Bowls

Naomi Nachman @naominachman





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