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Spanish Omelet


Here’s an upgraded omelet idea for a delicious Sunday morning breakfast. Omelets can be filled with Creamed Spinach.   See More Breakfast Food Classics Basic Pancakes Easy Pancakes French Toast Nutty Granola


Prepare the Omelet

1. Sauté vegetables in oil for 25 minutes.
2. Beat three eggs with one ounce milk and a quarter teaspoon salt.
3. Cook, covered, for another minute till cheese is melted.
4. Add salt and pepper and set aside. Divide into 4 parts.
5. Pour into greased, heated skillet. Cover and cook for two minutes.
6. Invert omelet, place one part of vegetables onto half of omelet. Cover with half slice muenster cheese and fold over (forming pocket).
7. Repeat with remaining eggs and vegetables.


Photography and Styling by: Elazar Klein Studio