11 Perfectly Warm Desserts To End Your Seders

Kosher.com Staff March 29, 2022

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There is something about ending the Seders with a warm and comforting dessert that completes the meal. For Passover lunch, some cookie bars or refreshing sorbet is always appreciated, but at night, molten lava cakes and warm fruit crumbles always do the trick. Maybe it’s the lateness of the hour that makes a cozy dessert hit the spot?


Whatever the reason, we know the comforting recipes below will go over well with your crowd!


We hope you enjoy!


  1. Passover Pear Frangipane by Denise Phillips

    This is a parve recipe that brings together three key elements – pastry, frangipane, and poaching pears. Each part can be done separately in advance and then combined. The finished pie keeps for two to three days or can be frozen until you need it. 


    I like to use Gefen Passover Vanilla Sugar and ground almonds in the filling as the vanilla and almond flavours make a delicious combination with poached pears.

  2. Upside-Down Apple Tarts (Passover) by Chavi Feldman
    I always love ending off an evening meal with a warm, soothing dessert that’s balanced by the cool smoothness of vanilla ice cream. These caramelized apple tarts definitely fit that bill. And if you’re in the mood of a change from all of those Pesach apple recipes, try it with pears for equally delicious results!

  3. Dark Chocolate Lava Cake by Kelly Cohen
    Super gooey and decadent chocolate cake, ideal for parties or dinner.

  4. Charoset Ice Cream on a Baked Apple by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

  5. Sweet ‘n Tangy Apple Crumble by Elky Friedman
    Apples play a huge role in our Pesach cooking. Though many of you have a favorite apple crumble, you must try this one— it’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious! 

  6. Pesach Soufflé Chocolate Cakes by The Peppermill
    These flourless, fudgy chocolate cakes can be prepared in advance and frozen raw for the freshest tasting results.

  7. Baked Cinnamon Pears from the Dining In Cookbook
    What a nice change from baked apples. A classy dessert!

  8. Pesach Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Peppermill
    These non-gebrokts cookies are easy to make and easy to enjoy on Passover.

  9. Rhubarb-Fruit Passover Crumble by Brynie Greisman
    Full of delicious fruity flavor with a creamy filling and a crunchy topping. The rhubarb and fruit complement each other perfectly. You’re going to love it!

  10. Deep-Dish Skillet Brownie (Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Dairy Free) by Arman Liew
    Don’t even think of looking at a boxed brownie mix: this one-bowl skillet brownie has been my savior, and also my favorite dessert when the sweet tooth strikes. It uses easy on-hand ingredients and, as it doesn’t contain any eggs, is perfect when just undercooked. Take it up a notch and add a scoop of ice cream!  

  11. Coffee Chocolate Fondue by Zehava Krohn