14 Sugar-Free Recipes For Purim (Yes, Really!)

Kosher.com Staff March 2, 2022

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Sugar intake is always a topic of conversation as we get closer to Purim. We’ve even featured some articles to help you navigate it with kids (and adults too).


So instead of sharing a list of sweet (and high-sugar) recipes with you, we thought it would be more helpful to share recipes that are sweet and delicious, but don’t call for any refined sugar.


From Full ‘n Free Grain-Free Hamantaschen and Healthy Chocolate Banana Muffins to Apple Pie and Caramel, these recipes are perfect for Mishloach Manot or a Purim party!




  1. Full ‘n Free Grain-Free Hamantaschen by Rorie Weisberg

    Using Rorie’s grain-free mix makes these hamentaschen not only gluten-free but grain-free and high in fiber and healthy fats, making it the low glycemic way to bake. These delicious hamentaschen are refined sugar-free using minimal amounts of honey and silan. Recipe updated in March 2022. Enjoy Purim’s traditional favorite with ingredients that love your body back!

  2. No-Bake Sugar Free Date Brownie Balls by Sheindy Unger

  3. Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies by Sheindy Unger

  4. Healthy Chocolate Banana Muffins by Erin Grunstein
    You’d never guess these are actually healthy! They make the perfect snack or breakfast on the go.

  5. Healthier No Sugar, Sugar Cookies by Rena Tuchinsky
    These are a hit with my kids and I have a feeling will be with yours also! And forget about the kids, I love ’em too!! This is the same dough that I use for my whole wheat hamantashen. It’s a great dough and I can’t wait for you to make them!!

  6. Berry Dutch Chocolate Cupcakes by Rorie Weisberg
    Grainless and sugarless, this is perfect healthy option for breakfast or dessert on Shabbat or Yom Tov. Nut butter takes the place of flour in this recipe, offering a much more nutritious and filling cupcake. You can even adapt this recipe for ice cream!

  7. Coconut Chocolate Fudge Squares by Rorie Weisberg
    If you’re absolutely craving a bedtime snack, these Coconut Chocolate Fudge Squares might be your best bet. Most sweet treats cause insulin to spike, even when they contain healthy sweeteners, like the honey in this recipe. The difference here is the coconut butter, which counteracts the effects of the honey and helps balance your hormones.

  8. Pure Pudding by Rorie Weisberg

    Thick and creamy, with a frozen-yogurt-like texture, this pudding is one that will satisfy you and your taste buds. It’s my personal breakfast favorite. There’s lots of healthy fat inside from the avocado and coconut almond milk. Pair with protein or add protein powder and it will keep you going through the morning! Don’t be scared off by the avocado. It adds delicious creaminess, and the other fruits completely mask the avocado flavor.

  9. Triple-Layer Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge by Sari Matyas
    A delicious triple-layer dessert without the unhealthy margarine and whipped cream. My husband, as my food tester, got a slice after supper one night, and I told my kids that “Daddy needs to taste it for Shabbos.” Of course, I ended up giving my kids a piece too, and my three-year-old son turned to me and said, “Yup, Mummy, it’s good for Shabbos.”

  10. Sugar-Free Apple Pie by Brynie Greisman
    When I first tried this recipe, I couldn’t get over that it had no sugar at all. I’ve served it to company on many different occasions and everyone loved it and felt the same. I’ve experimented with different variations of sweeteners and flours and all were delicious. Yes, we ate A LOT of apple pie during that time, but no one complained! (I could think of worse things!!!)

  11. Homemade Chocolate Gelt by Rachel Kor
    These Homemade Chocolate Gelt coins are a favorite of mine. They are everything I want in a recipe when entertaining. They are super easy, quick, beautiful, delicious, require no baking, and can be made with sugar-free chocolate. And feel free to make these with your guests too–they are SO much fun to create!  

  12. Salted Chocolate Tahini Caramel Cups by Erin Grunstein
    This no-bake dessert just melts in your mouth – my family devoured these caramel cups in one sitting!

  13. Date Syrup Caramels by Batsheva Kanter

    These caramels are made with date syrup and coconut milk. They won’t harden like traditional caramels, but they are much healthier! Keep these in the freezer until you are ready to serve them.

  14. Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies or Biscotti by Sari Matyas
    We can all use a cookie or biscotti with our coffee. It took me some time to come up with a good recipe that would fit under the title “healthy cookie.” After many trials, this one was chosen as the winner.