17 Best Gluten-Free Shavuot Recipes

Kosher.com Staff May 14, 2022

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When one thinks of classic Shavuot foods, the first dishes that probably come to mind are cheesecake, creamy dairy pasta, quiche, and blintzes. What do all of these foods have in common (besides being delicious)? Gluten.


It’s very easy for those on a gluten-free diet to feel deprived or limited on Shavuot. That is, until now!


Below, we have delicious, creamy, cheesy, and decadent recipes that are all gluten-free. From cheesecake and casseroles, to lasagna and eggplant rollups. We have so many incredible choices for all the gluten-free folks in your life.






  1. No-Bake Vegan Caramel Cheesecake Cups by Miriam Diamant
    With a perfect nutty crust, a no-bake creamy filling, and an indulgent caramel swirl topping, it would be hard to say no to this one. These No-Bake Cheesecake Cups are Free of Sugar, Oil, Flour, Grains, Eggs, Dairy, and are fully Kosher for Passover. It is safe to say these are The BEST Vegan Cheesecake Cups!

  2. Brownie Cake with Cream, Truffles, and Caramelized Nuts by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok
    A thick, chocolatey brownie festively topped with truffles, whipped cream, and caramelized nuts.

  3. Chocolate-Covered Cheese Truffles from the Dining In Cookbook
    These no-bake cheese truffles taste very similar to the famous cheese balls from Daskals in Boro Park.

  4. Peanut Crunch Brownies by Alice Medrich
    This very rich, very decadent brownie with a not-quite-grown-up flavor appeals to most of the grown-ups I know. You can make Hazelnut Crunch Brownies instead by substituting two cups (160 grams) hazelnut meal/flour plus half a teaspoon of salt for the peanut butter.

  5. Cereal Milk Ice Cream by Victoria Dwek and Leah Schapira
    The ice cream version of the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. Recipe courtesy of Serendipity Yogurt Café, located in Surfside, Florida.

  6. Brownie Bottom Cheesecake by Rorie Weisberg

    Most cheesecakes are full of white flour, white sugar, and cream cheese. These ingredients are devoid of nutrients and have a hard impact on blood sugar and digestion. Enjoy this healthier version of a Shavuot staple. You will leave the table with a smile on your face and a light feeling in your body.

    Watch Rorie bring this cheesecake to life here!

  7. Dairy Free Cheese Torte by Chevy Slomovics and Raizy Janklowitz
    A delicious cheesecake alternative! This torte can be made either in a springform pan or a pie dish.




  1. Hash Brown and Tomato Pie by Eileen Goltz
    Fresh parsley tends to be infested with aphids, thrips and other insects. Please check “Kashrut Instructions” below for instructions on checking these for insect infestation.
    Canned or jarred artichokes need a reliable hechsher (kosher symbol on the label) as they may present more than one Kashruth concern. They may not be used even if one were to check them scrupulously for insects.

  2. Spinach Shiitake Feta Casserole by Rorie Weisberg
    An easy, delicious, and better-for-you spinach and mushroom feta casserole. Recipe includes a dairy-free option.

  3. Low-Carb Butternut Squash Lasagna by Esther Begun
    Butternut squash takes the place of noodles in this low-carb lasagna. This saucy and cheesy “lasagna” will satisfy your carby cravings in a more healthful way.

  4. Spaghetti Squash Quiche by Blumie Heinemann
    Cheesy. Yummy. Goodness. Minus the guilt! This is a healthier approach to quiche. The crust is made of spaghetti squash and makes a perfect brunch dish. Get creative and play around with the vegetables added on top as so many variations can be made.

  5. Butternut Cream Sauce “Pasta” by Victoria Dwek

    Want to use your hearts of palm spaghetti to enjoy a creamy gluten free low cal pasta dish? You’ll need to roast a small butternut squash in the oven until very soft before preparing this dish (you’ll have extra puree that can be frozen). 


    Watch Victoria make this and 3 other amazing Hearts of Palm Spaghetti dishes here!

  6. Spinach Cheese Eggplant Roll-Ups by Nechama Norman
    When I was in culinary school in Israel, my fellow classmate Devora S. gave me this recipe. The way she described it had me running to store after store in search of ricotta cheese. Unfortunately, ricotta cheese was not widely available in any nearby stores at the time. I finally had a chance to make it months later when I spotted the coveted cheese. Fortunately, in the U.S., you can enjoy it anytime.

  7. Cauliflower and Butternut Squash “Risotto” by Vera Newman
    This amazing low carb “risotto” is made simple with Heaven & Earth Riced Cauliflower & Butternut Squash. Creamy, dairy, and delicious – perfect for Shavuot.

  8. Creamy Potatoes with Sweet Heat by Estee Kafra
    Inspired by my sister, who is the queen of quick and easy cooking. Cheesy, creamy, potatoes with just the right amount of heat. This is my latest additions to any dairy party buffet. There is never any left.

  9. Italian-Style Quinoa with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Feta by Norene Gilletz
    Tangy, salty, and full of bright flavors. This lovely quinoa side dish is so simple to make. I came up with the recipe over Shavuos when I couldn’t find the right mix of flavors to match my menu. This dish met that challenge and then some — it’s a winner!

  10. Fish Taco Lettuce Cups by Michal Frischman
    My sister Brina is all about lettuce cups these days, and she inspired this appetizer. I take the easy way out and use storebought fish seasoning, but feel free to make your own. Everything can be made ahead, but the salmon is best served warm.