19 Lemon Recipes To Brighten Up Your Passover Menu

Kosher.com Staff March 29, 2023

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Is it just us, or does Passover scream “lemon” recipes?

There’s something about a lemon meringue, lemon ice cream, and a lemon tart that always seems to be perfectly fitting for the holiday.

If you agree, then take a look at the fresh, vibrant, and citrusy recipes below!

Instead of squeezing lemons by hand, use Tuscanini 100% Sicilian Lemon Juice!

1. Mini Lemon Pavlovas by The Peppermill

This classic light dessert is perfect after a heavy Yom Tov meal.

2. Passover Lemon Tart 2 Ways by Rachel Kor

This lemon tart is really easy and quick to make and has the most delicious lemon flavor. It’s perfect for a light dessert after dinner, or a refreshing dessert after lunch.

I had so much fun with this lemon tart that I actually created two topping ideas for you guys. I happen to love fresh fruit on top of lemon tarts, but I also love the idea of drizzled chocolate over the top to balance out the tart lemon curd. Whichever look you decide to go with is sure to be delicious!

3. Pesach Lemon Curd Blueberry Tart (Gluten Free) by Sam Adler

This lemon-blueberry tart is so simple to prepare in advance and assemble right before serving. Not to mention, gorgeous.   Want more genius ideas for Passover? Check out Passover Prep HQ for recipes and tips on shopping, cleaning, and more.

4. Fluffy Lemon Custard from the Nitra Cookbook

Creamy, airy lemon custard is a light and refreshing finale to a heavy Yom Tov meal. Can be served alone, with a simple garnish as pictured here, or layered with fruit or Pesach crumbs in parfait glasses.

5. Strawberry-Lemon Passover Biscotti by Faigy Grossman

I’m so excited about the outcome of these cookies — I can’t wait to use this concept year-round! Crispy, sweet, and chock-full of flavor, this is a biscotti that is out-of-this-world scrumptious!

6. Mini Lemon Curd Trifles (Gluten Free) by Naomi Nachman

My daughter Gabi loves lemon curd, so I wanted to include a recipe for it here. I love this version because it has no margarine or hydrogenated oils. Layer the curd with crushed ladyfingers or cookie crumbs for a show-stopping dessert.

Check out our exclusive interview with Naomi about her cookbook Perfect for Pesach!

7. Pesach Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

I love when a recipe is made up of essentially simple ingredients that turn into something spectacular. This dessert is exactly that!

8. Deconstructed Lemon and Mango Meringue Pie by Glicky Eizikovics

I love deconstructed desserts because they save time, are hassle-free, and make for a beautiful presentation. This lemon custard is by far the best I have ever had. Top each one with the nut brittle, and I promise each plate will be scraped clean!

9. Lemon Ice Cream by Victoria Dwek

10. Lemon Possets by Janie Chazanoff

The flavors of lemon meringue pie, minus the pastry. Perfect for Pesach!

11. Passover Lemon Crinkle Cookies by Suri Wurzberger

Chocolate crinkle cookies are at the top of our Passover baking rotation, but I was in the mood for something fresh and light for a change.

12. Lemon Meringue Pie with Almond Crust (Gluten-Free) by Leah Nagel

A Passover-friendly version of the classic lemon meringue pie, this dessert features an almond flour crust, tart lemon filling, and crisp meringue topping. Also perfect for those who avoid gluten year-round!

13. Lemon Berry Crumble Pie by Rorie Weisberg

Berries are one of the top 5 super foods, loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. This recipe is perfect with ice cream for dessert or healthy enough for breakfast with pure pudding or yogurt. Or serve with silan ice cream for a scrumptious dessert.

14. Passover Lemon Meringue Pie, Two Ways by Brynie Greisman

Lemon meringue pie was always a family favorite. I remember my mother serving it to my Zeidy a”h in the succah. This is a Pesach version that rivals the chometzdig one and is not too daunting to make. I brought a few pieces to a sheva brachos where the chassan was gluten free, and everyone preferred it to the regular dessert! Thanks, H.D.G., for the inspiration.

15. Lemon Strawberry Ice Cream from the Dining In Cookbook

Wonderful dessert. To garnish, serve with 1/2 slice of lemon on top and a lemon cookie on the side.

16. Passover Lemon Chiffon Cake from the Dining In Cookbook

Bake this cake while you’re hanging around the kitchen anyway and don’t forget to set a timer each time you change the temperature. Also, take care not to slam the oven door when you close it. All this effort will result in a wonderful sponge cake!

17. Lemon Ice Cream Pie by Chanie Nayman

Somehow when I end the meal with something lemony, I feel like it’s somewhat dietetic. Maybe because it’s light and not too sweet? I’ll be making this recipe three times this Pesach!

18. Lemon Biscotti by Rivky Kleiman

A mild, lemon-flavored biscotti that makes a perfect snack anytime, anywhere. Perfect dressed up and glazed or just the way it is. A Passover treat that you just may find yourself making all year long.

19. Passover Fruit-Dotted Cake Squares by Faigy Grossman

I was thrilled with this Pesachdig version of a cake that my family always demolishes in its chometzdig form. Both fillings are delicious and the recipe yields two cakes — always helpful on Pesach!