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30 Stylish Purim Seudah Appetizers

Kosher.com Staff March 6, 2019

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In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in full-on Purim mode here at kosher.com! It’s one of our favorite times of the year, so naturally, we’ve been sharing LOTS of Purim ideas with you! Today’s round-up is one we’re especially excited about. It’s all about stylish Purim seudah appetizers!

There’s nothing quite like beautiful party food with a polished presentation–after all, we do eat with our eyes! So we’ve gathered 30 Purim apps that are sure to make your Seudah extra memorable. From Mini Wellingtons and Kofta-Stuffed Dates, to Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms and Avocado egg roll hamantaschen, these recipes are sure to wow your guests!!

  1. Sweet Potato Crostini with Toppings by Rivki Rabinowitz

  2. Baked Avocado Eggroll Hamantaschen with Cashew Tamarind Dipping Sauce by Sabrina Gornish

  3. Meat Empanadas by Vera Newman

  4. Terra-Stick Cutlet Skewers by Chanie Nayman

  5. Twice Potatoes with Crispy Pelleh Duck Fry by Brynie Greisman

  6. Pastrami-Wrapped Stuffed Figs by Susie Fishbein

  7. Savory Duck Rillettes Shells by Chanie Nayman


  8. Waffle-icious Corned Beef with Cherry BBQ Sauce by Chavi Feldman

  9. Kofta-Stuffed Dates by Chanie Apfelbaum

  10. Savory Gnocchi and Meat Cups by Chanie Nayman

  11. Honey-Sriracha Chicken Salad by Rivky Kleiman

  12. Tomato-Garlic Confit by Adina Schlass

  13. Satay Trio by Rivky Kleiman

  14. Crispy Mini Meatless Pies by Ruth Fox and Vicky Cohen

  15. Eggplant and Tomato Spread by Jamie Geller

  16. Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Cajun Mayo and Garlic Basil Mayo by Esther Deutsch

  17. London Broil on Crispy Grits Cakes by Naami Jearolmen

  18. Zucchini Roses by Chavi Feldman

  19. Velvety Sweet Potato Soup by Efrat Libfroind

  20. Individual Charcuterie Boards by Rivky Kleiman

  21. Michal’s Mini Wellingtons by Michal Frischman

  22. Meatball Sliders by Rivky Kleiman

  23. Pulled-Beef Hamantashen by Michal Frischman

  24. Veal Stuffed Mushrooms by Victoria Dwek
  25. Salami & Spinach Quiche by Shulamith Betesh

  26. Meatballs in Spaghetti Nests by Sara Wasserman

  27. Layered Salad with Silan Almond Dressing by Brynie Greisman

  28. Pulled Barbecue Brisket with Potato Flatbreads by Rivky Kleiman

  29. Onion and Pastrami Tartlets by Rivky Kleiman

  30. Stacked Pastrami Roll-ups by Rivky Kleiman