21 Best Brisket Recipes For Passover!

Kosher.com Staff April 5, 2024

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We’re going to get right to the point. Passover is coming up in two weeks (we know you’re all counting too), and if there is one food we want at the Passover meal, it’s brisket! Juicy, tender, and flavorful brisket just like Bubbe used to make.

So we’re bringing you all the delicious brisket recipes in one convenient place. From pulled BBQ brisket and ratatouille brisket, to sticky silan brisket and, you guessed it, Bubbe’s brisket. We know you’ll find one that will hit the spot!

BOTB (bring on the brisket)!

  1. Plantain Platter by Charnie Kohn
    The pulled brisket served here alongside guacamole and Heaven and Earth’s new Veggie Dippers is soft and flavorful – and sugar-free to boot!
  2. Shallot and Red Wine Brisket by Molly Hagler
    In my opinion, brisket is best made in advance, which is especially useful when cooking for several days of Yom Tov. It freezes beautifully, too! Just cook, cool, slice and return to sauce. As the sliced brisket sits in the sauce, it absorbs the flavor and becomes super soft!
  3. Brisket in Coffee Brandy Sauce by Levana Kirschenbaum
    This star was recently born when I was tinkering with coffee, molasses and bourbon, a frequent combo in barbecues and short ribs, as a possible base for my brisket sauce, and I know it sounds like it would put some more hair on the chests of lumberjacks; but lo and behold, the results were fork-tender meat, and a wonderfully dark, balanced and unctuous sauce, much more toned down than the seemingly reckless sum of its parts. To adapt the dish for Passover I simply substitute honey for the molasses, and brandy for the bourbon, and it worked just as gloriously. Go for it!
  4. Perfect Braised Brisket by Rochelle Daniel
    Cooking a perfect brisket doesn’t have to involve many steps and ingredients. Sometimes, the simpler, the better, which is definitely the case with this brisket. The braising method and simple ingredients heighten the flavor of the meat and create a super-tender brisket – and lots of sauce. Yum!
  5. Sherry Wine Brisket with Chestnuts by Vera Newman
    I love a good basic brisket recipe. It doesn’t really get much simpler than this. The combination of ingredients yields the most delicious, buttery-soft piece of meat, with an element of surprise from the chestnuts. A perfect savory meat to serve with a sweeter chicken to balance the meal.
  6. Bubbe’s Brisket by Jennifer Robbins and Simone Miller
    This brisket comes out beautifully tender every time! Unlike barbecued brisket, this one cooks in broth on the stovetop, which helps seal in all the juices! Grain free, this recipe is perfect for your Passover seder or Rosh Hashanah table.
  7. Simply Saucy Brisket from the Dining In Cookbook
    It doesn’t get any easier than this, and the taste is divine!
  8. Ratatouille Brisket by Paula Shoyer
    This ratatouille is no ordinary ratatouille. It gets a major upgrade with the addition of brisket! The results of this recipe are well worth the effort when you taste this melt-in-your-mouth brisket! Savory and soft, the brisket is tender and bursting with flavor. Add this to your menu and everyone will thank you!
  9. Easy Pulled Brisket by Shena Dominitz
    This easy pulled brisket is slow cooked in the oven for eight hours and seasoned with crushed tomatoes, maple syrup, garlic, bay leaves, and cinnamon.
  10. Brisket with Silan and Orange by Shoshie Steinhart
    I’ve recently started using silan in everything! Well, not everything, but seriously so many things! So when I had a beautiful second-cut brisket staring at me, I decided to try pairing it with my new favorite ingredient and it worked so well together! The rich flavors of the meat and silan go together flawlessly, cut with a little acid from the orange. My kids said this was the best meat ever and it made me soooooo happy to see them eating and enjoying #noleftovers
  11. Pulled Sticky Date Brisket in Pan Juices by Rorie Weisberg
    A fabulous low-sugar brisket. Part of the perfect macro meal.
  12. Brisket with Date Syrup by Jennifer Chetrit
    This brisket with its balance of sweet and savoury is a real delight. Make it in advance and freeze it and you will have a heads up on the holidays.
  13. Passover Sweet and Saucy Brisket by Norene Gilletz
    When planning your Passover seder, does brisket come to your mind as easily as it does ours? Brisket is not only “tradition,” it’s also perfect for large holiday get-togethers because it feeds a large crowd with minimum effort. You can make it in advance and it reheats and/or freezes well.
  14. Pulled Barbecue Brisket with Potato Flatbreads by Rivky Kleiman
    Here is my kosher l’Pesach version of the flatbread and pizzette craze. The pulled barbecue brisket is so outrageously delicious that I suspect it will become a part of your arsenal and make appearances all year long.
  15. Coke Brisket by Esther Gopin
    Soda is a wonderful tenderizer, which is why this brisket comes out so incredibly soft every time. This recipe is so simple and easy to make, and it yields great results. This is sure to become a family favorite brisket recipe, you won’t be sorry you tried it!
  16. Balsamic-Braised Brisket by Daniella Silver
    This brisket comes out smooth and creamy every time.
  17. Red Wine and Honey Braised Brisket by Gabe Garcia
    What is Passover without brisket? I’m a big fan of brisket, it’s such a versatile cut with a rich and beefy flavor. Adding big, bold Asian flavors like fennel, ginger and star anise give this traditional dish modern flair.
  18. Crispy Potato Brisket Cups by Faigy Grossman
    Perfect as a unique side for when you are serving chicken as the main dish; these crispy cups can be made as is, or, for a really delicious treat, fried as latkes.
  19. Brisket with Horseradish Crust by Estee Kafra
    While horseradish has a strong and pungent taste, as it cooks down and is combined with the celery it adds a wonderful mellow flavor to the meat. You can use a second fillet brisket for this recipe as well, just be a bit more generous with the salt when seasoning the meat.
  20. Brisket with Onion Gravy by Pamela Reiss
    A winner of a brisket made with basic ingredients like red wine, tomato paste, a little bit of brown sugar, and onions and garlic.
  21. Fork-Tender Brisket by Chanie Nayman
    My mother has been making second-cut brisket with loads of onions for years. I firmly believe that with this and salad, I am good to go for a week. The most important components of this recipe are onions, salt, and a well-marbled brisket! The rest is just to add some additional layers of flavor to an already good thing. So if you have no patience for all the dehydrated spices below, you can really omit them.
Originally published March 2021. Updated and improved March 2022.