Chill Out This Shavuot with Easy No-Bake Desserts

Rachel Kor June 5, 2024

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We know everyone is cooking up some delicious Shavuot treats, but before you finish your menu planning and cooking, we’ve got some more recipes that will make your Shavuot even sweeter.

We’ve curated a collection of irresistible no-bake desserts that don’t involve the hassle of turning on the oven. From creamy cheesecakes to refreshing fruit trifles, these recipes are perfect for a festive and effortless Shavuot.

Enjoy these cool and delightful desserts that are as easy to make as they are to eat!

1. No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites by Miriam Teitelbaum

These are so easy and taste like heaven!

2. No Bake Cheesecake Tam Tams Bites by Amy Kritzer

Tam tam crackers form the base of these no-bake mini cheesecakes, which are then topped with raspberry sauce for added fanciness.

3. White Chocolate Cheese Mousse with Tropical Fruit Medley by Chaya Surie Goldberger

When it comes to Shavuos, I love to prepare many different cheese delicacies for our milchig kiddush. But there’s one catch — it must be easy, yet still have that wow factor! I have included here a basic recipe for white chocolate cheese mousse that can be used two different ways, giving you two showstopper delights to adorn your Shavuos table. You can use just 3/4 of the white chocolate cheese mousse for these dessert cups and the remaining mousse as the basis for my turtle cheesecake recipe.

4. Marrakech Style Israeli No-Bake Cheesecake Cups by Danielle Renov

These fun and colorful after-school cheesecake cups are a blend of all the cultures Danielle comes from: American, Israeli, with unique Moroccan twists.

5. Mini No-Bake Cheesecakes by Orlie Perl

Cheesecake is a loved dessert by so many, and it’s one of my favorites. These mini no-bake cheesecakes require just a few ingredients and utensils that you (most likely) already have in your kitchen.

6. Israeli Triangle Cheesecake by Ruthy Bodner

This is our favorite cheesecake, recipe given to me by our Israeli cousin Miriam who is in her nineties and lives in Nachalim, Israel. When my husband would visit when he was in yeshiva he said he loved it and she always had it in her fridge in case he came by. It’s a huge hit in our home with family and friends and we still make it in the triangle shape.

7. No-Bake Cheesecake Cones by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

I’ve been dreaming of this recipe idea for years. What if I could make an ice cream cone that didn’t melt? These cones look like ice cream, but they contain a delicious secret: They’re actually filled with a rich no-bake cheesecake filling! Top them with a hot fudge sauce and some sprinkles, and you’ll have the cutest dessert on your hands!

8. Rocky Road No-Bake Cheesecake from the Dining In Cookbook

Delectable, delicious, luscious, scrumptious… just plain yummy cheesecake! And best of all, no complicated baking instructions to follow.

9. Milchige Trifle from the Nitra Cookbook

This creamy, rich tasting show-stopping dessert is perfect to add to your Shavuos menu, or for a dairy brunch. Using just one bowl, this recipe takes minutes to put together. Get the little ones involved by having them line the trifle dish with the store-bought cookies. For an extra decorative touch, use while chocolate shavings, made by using a peeler, to top off this amazing dessert.

10. 3-Ingredient No-Bake Cheesecake by Naomi Elberg

Looking for a no bake cheesecake recipe that makes your life a lot easier… and sweeter? Forget the water baths and cracking- we’ll tell you how to make a perfect cheesecake in minutes. This easy no bake cheesecake will be delicious without any baking at all. What makes this one better than other no-bake cheesecake recipes, you ask? It has only 3 ingredients, and there’s no mixer needed! Like we said, literally the easiest cheesecake. This cheesecake recipe calls for whipped cream cheese but you can also use ricotta if you want to go healthier. The secret ingredient is a package of instant vanilla pudding mix. Topping ideas are all yours: see the recommended list for inspiration! If you’ve ever wondered how to make a no bake cheesecake—and whether it could really be as simple as it seems— just scroll down for the ingredients and directions. Enjoy!

11. Healthy No-Bake Cheesecake Jars (Gluten Free) by Esther Begun

These healthier no-bake cheesecake jars are the perfect ‘guilt-free’ way to enjoy your cheesecake this Shavuot! The layers of cheese filling, nutty crust and berries give these jars the perfect amount of richness, creaminess and freshness! This versatile cheesecake can be made in individual cups with various toppings (think Oreos, chocolate, or caramel) or as one big cheesecake in a pie dish.

12. Raspberry Mousse with Coconut Flour Crust by Arman Liew

Piecrusts and dessert crusts are usually based on flour, butter, and a boat-load of sugar. However, shouldn’t they just be a vehicle for the pudding on top? This version is delicious enough to eat on its own. We don’t do things in halves here though: a creamy raspberry mousse on top makes this the perfect portioned dessert (or even breakfast)! If you are making it for more than one, it can also easily be adjusted.

13. Cheese, White Chocolate, and Coffee Pie by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok

Looking for an impressive cake for your guests for Shavuot? Here is an easy, tasty recipe that reaps compliments. A cheese pie with white chocolate and coffee that does not even require baking. A quick biscuit crust, cheese and coffee cream filling and a white chocolate coating – garnished with chocolate pieces that are easily prepared at home.

14. No-Bake Chocolate-Biscuit Cake by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok

No need to turn on the oven! A festive-looking, impressive, and delicious chocolate-biscuit cake in just 10 minutes. A great recipe to make with the kids over summer vacation.

15. No-Bake Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle by Jocelyn Brubaker

If you enjoy desserts with different textures and flavors, a dessert trifle is just what you need in your life. This trifle has layers of crunchy cookies, creamy cheesecake, and fresh berries. It is a flavor explosion in your mouth with every bite. You could also get creative and use vanilla cookies for a Neapolitan trifle. Or use banana slices instead of strawberries for a whole new flavor combo. So grab a spoon and get ready to dig in.

16. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake by Leah Leora

The combination of cookie crust, vanilla ice cream, and strawberry-flavored cookie crumble makes this an ideal dessert. The best part? It’s really easy to put together!