Recipe Roundups

Kiddy Camp Baking Champ

Kosher.com Staff July 8, 2020

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Anyone else hearing constantly, “I’m soo bored, there’s nothing to do?” Phew. Glad it’s not just us!


Why not introduce your kids to baking? The kitchen is the greatest place to make memories and bonds between you and your kids. It gives them a fun activity- and delicious snacks for your whole family to eat!


Here’s some recipes that are easy and super fun for your at-home baking camp activity. Your kids will enjoy making and eating these cakes, cookies, and snacks!


  1. Easy Homemade Donut Holes by Rachel Nayman

  2. Cookie Butter Pretzel Snack Mix by Shushy Turin

  3. Chanukah Cakesicles by Miriam Adar

  4. Milky Donut Pops by Esty Wolbe

  5. Chocolate Lacy Lollipops by Esther Ottensoser

  6. Sugar Cookie Dough Lollipops by Lindsay Landis

  7. Vanilla Confetti Balls by The Baker’s Daughter

  8. Dunkaroos Trifles by Sarah Botwinick

  9. 3-Ingredient No-Bake Cheesecake by Naomi Elberg

  10. S’mores Cookies by Gitty Wolf

  11. Doughnut Bark by Miriam Pascal

  12. 3 Ingredient Nut Butter Cookies by Nathalie T.

  13. Sprinkle Cookies from the Dining In Cookbook

  14. Edible Paint Purim Cookies by Esty Wolbe

  15. Bumblebee Sandwich Cookies by Esther Ottensoser

  16. Rookie’s Cookies by Malky Grossman