12 Better-For-You Breakfast Ideas For Passover

Kosher.com Staff March 21, 2023

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If you’re looking for healthier breakfast options for Passover this year, we’ve got some amazing recipes for you right here!

From chocolate banana muffins and layered yogurt parfaits, to fruit smoothies and chili shakshuka.

Skip the cake and cookies for breakfast, and reach for one of the recipes below instead.

Not only are they great for Chol Hamoed, but a lot of them are perfect for Yom Tov mornings with a side of hot coffee, too.

1. Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Crumb Muffins by Esty Wolbe

Moist and delicious gluten-free apple-cinnamon muffins with a crumb topping.

2. Breakfast Soufflés with Veggie Fill-ins by Rorie Weisberg

These flavor-packed soufflés take the stress out of breakfast time. If dairy agrees with you, feel free to swap dairy cream for the coconut milk and butter for coconut oil.

3. Coconut Chia Pudding by Rachel Berger

You can still eat healthy while it’s Pesach! Try this delicious chia pudding made with Gefen coconut milk – sweetened or unsweetened, it’s your preference! Top with some fruit preserves or compote for a delicious breakfast or snack. Multiply this single-serve recipe for the amount you want. I make six single portions at once to have it available in the refrigerator.

4. Calabrian Chili Shakshuka by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Shakshuka is a breakfast favorite all the time, but especially on Passover when our options are limited! I took the classic recipe and kicked it up a notch with Tuscanini’s Calabrian chilis. They add a beautifully complex flavor and piquant kick that works beautifully in the tomato sauce. They provide a real decent amount of heat, so use accordingly!

5. Spiced Coconut Pancakes for Passover (Nut Free, Egg Free) by Hindy Bertram

Searching for the perfect Passover pancake recipe? Here it is! Using just one bowl, these can be whipped up in no time for a healthy and delicious Passover breakfast. These cook quickly so watch them on the fire!

6. Chocolate Almond Banana Muffins for Passover by Erin Grunstein

Relatively high in protein, these Passover muffins made from a blend of almond flour and coconut flour and which incorporate Greek yogurt and nut butter will keep you going far longer than that potato starch cake you’re eyeing.

7. Passover Chocolate Chip Banana Bread by Rebekah Durham

Kosher for Passover banana bread is here!

8. Easy Healthy Passover Muffins by Guila Sandroussy

Made of part potato starch and part almond flour, these Passover muffins have great flavor. They are also relatively low in sugar and fat, compared to many Passover selections.

9. Berry Dutch Chocolate Cupcakes (Grain-Free, Sugar-Free) by Rorie Weisberg

Grainless and sugarless, this is perfect healthy option for breakfast or dessert on Shabbat or Yom Tov. Nut butter takes the place of flour in this recipe, offering a much more nutritious and filling cupcake. You can even adapt this recipe for ice cream! Watch how Rorie does it on Living Full ‘n Free.

10. Banana Mango Smoothie by Chayie Schlisselfeld

My family has the minhag to only use fruits and vegetables that have a peel, so last Pesach my kids decided to see how many different flavored smoothies they can create using only peeled fruit. They all agreed that this flavor combination was the best.

11. Mushroom Shakshuka by Michael Gershkovich

Shakshuka like you’ve never seen before, Mike’s version incorporates a variety of hearty mushrooms and a rich tomato-beef sauce. Watch Mike make his “chic” shakshuka on Mike’s Day Off.

12. Layered Parfait by PJ Library

Weekday breakfasts are hectic enough without having to plan around special Passover restrictions. These layered parfaits are so easy to put together that kids can make them on their own. Make a batch together after dinner to save for the morning.