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15 Easy Recipes to Pack Along

Kosher.com Staff August 2, 2023

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Whether you are traveling with a friend, a gaggle of kids, or even by yourself, food is an important component of every getaway. Cream cheese sandwiches and cans of tuna will do in a pinch, but some homemade options are always welcome. These recipes are perfect for traveling. With a collection of salads that don’t get soggy, filling sandwiches, and some snacks to satisfy your munchies, you will be sure to travel satisfied, with enough energy to fuel your adventures. Happy packing!

1. Curried Smoked Turkey Salad Wraps by Chanie Apfelbaum

I’m a big fan of traditional curried chicken salad, so I upped the ante here by incorporating ready-made smoked turkey leg. The smokiness is a great counter to the sweetness in this dish. I especially love the low-carb variation!

2. American Style Sabich Wraps by Sylvia Fallas

I love a good Israeli sandwich, especially a sabich. My version adds some chickpeas for texture and greens for nutrition. Perfect for a work or school lunch!

3. Broccoli Chickpea Salad by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

This filling salad is practically a meal in a bowl! It’s a perfect take-along lunch for a summer picnic (or let’s be real, for lunch at your desk…) thanks to the protein from the chickpeas. Want even more veggies? Simply double the roasted broccoli mixture!

4. Rice Cracker Slaw by Susie Fishbein

I love crunchy things in my salads. From croutons to nuts, I usually grab for something to top a plate of greens. In looking for something lower in calories and fat, I discovered rice cracker mix. Notice the wasabi peas in the picture. For a great kick, try to find the kind of snack mix that includes them. Cabbage and its relatives, the cruciferous vegetables, are not only cancer fighters, but they’re also filled with fiber and they may reduce blood pressure. You can make the salad in advance and store it in a large Ziploc bag, but toss the rice snacks in right before serving or they will get mushy.

5. Cabbage Quinoa Salad with Turkey Kabanos and Tahini Dressing by Menachem Goodman

Is quinoa one of your favs? Well, I have an amazing quinoa salad recipe for you. The flavors of the tahini dressing mixed with the dried turkey kabanos is like a gift from the food angels. The combo of vegetables with the salty corn nuts finishes off the salad with the perfect bang. This recipe is ideal for a random Tuesday lunch, or even as a side for Shabbos lunch. I just want to give you a heads-up, it is so good…. You might want to double the recipe.

6. Grilled Cheese Roll-ups by Mindee Skurowitz

And I did not even think that grilled cheese can get any better! Plus it is totally kid friendly! Win win.

7. Mozzarella and Cucumber Salad Sandwiches with Garlic Dressing by Victoria Dwek

8. Tricolor Italian Quinoa by Elky Friedman

This quinoa is light, fresh, and delightful. It can be eaten on its own, but it would add such great texture to a cabbage salad with poppy dressing. Save the leftovers for tomorrow’s healthy lunch!

9. Peanut Butter Granola by Beth Warren

After Yom Tov, many people are eager to get back on a healthful track. A reset on the basic foundations of healthy and balanced eating is key. There’s a lot to say for balancing food groups, managing portion sizes, and eating at specific times as nutrition strategies. Keep track of how your meal and snack options are making you feel. You want to be sure the foods you eat are actually filling and satisfying. All too often, people think starving is the only way to manage weight and health. In reality, it’s the opposite.

Granola is a great option for a whole grain that keeps you fuller longer, yet it’s often controversial because the additives and portion sizes can make it less healthful. This recipe offers both filling fiber and satisfying protein with less sweetener. Try about a quarter cup as a snack by itself, in a smoothie, or paired with your favorite yogurt!

10. Cereal Bars by Faigy Grossmann

My kids keep asking me to restock their favorite cereals, but every time I check the pantry, it’s full of boxes! I finally decided to take a peak inside and realized that each box had less than a serving left, which is why it was being left behind. I hate throwing out perfectly good food, so with school starting I figured an afterschool snack would be a great way to put them to use.

11. Corn Muffins by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Corn muffins are a little more on the savory side, but still perfect for breakfast, especially warmed with a little pat of butter!

12. Cheesy Garlic-Herb Oat Crackers by Ashley Melillo

Also known as an herbed-up, vegan version of my favorite college snack – hint: it starts with Cheez and ends with Its – this plant-based rendition took me ten trials to perfect, and I’m happy to say it was 100 percent worth the fuss and a few choice words. These crackers have an irresistible flaky crispness and garlic-herb cheesiness that’s even more snack-worthy and addictive than the original.

13. Rorie’s Trail Mix by Rorie Weisberg

Prepare individual bags of the mix for easy grab-and-go. Feel free to personalize your trail mix by adding kale chips, seeds or other air-dried fruit, like strawberries, peaches or a combination.

14. Homemade Beef Jerky by Kosher.com Staff

Making beef jerky at home in your own kitchen is so much easier than you may have guessed. It takes some time, but almost the entire preparation is hands-off. Just an easy marinade and a good few hours cooking low and slow in the oven.

15. No-Mixer Kid-Approved Whole-Grain Oatmeal Cookies (Egg- and Nut-Free) by Victoria Dwek

I have those type of really weird kids who prefer chocolate chip cookies that don’t have chocolate chips (although I can’t blame them because I was the same type of weird kid). We’re vanilla people through and through. We’re also fans of the classic Quaker “Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie.” Plenty of times I’ve been asked for that recipe, only to tell the requester to please just look at the back of the box of oats in their pantry. This time, though, I wanted something a little crispier and a little more wholesome. I’m not going to say this cookie is healthy. Don’t email me to thank me for healthy cookies and tell me that you ate the whole batch. Have one or two. Cookies are not healthy, even if we try to make them a little “healthier,” which I do here. The coconut oil really enhances the flavor. If you don’t want to use the shredded coconut as your mix-in, use the mix-in of your choice!