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The Best Tu Bishvat (15 Shevat) Recipes And Meal Ideas (2024)

Kosher.com Staff February 7, 2023

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We love Tu Bishvat!

It’s a beautiful holiday that marks the blossoming and flowering of trees with their new fruit. In many Jewish homes, we celebrate this time of year by eating the Shivat Haminim, or seven species of the land of Israel, and lots of fruit.

There’s no right or wrong way to incorporate these foods at home, but some of our favorite ways include Fruity Chocolate Bark, Fruit-Topped Brownie Pizza, Fruit Salad, and Grilled Fruit Skewers.

The truth is, if you follow your imagination and get creative in the kitchen, that’s what really makes for the best Tu Bishvat meals with family.

If you’re more the type to follow an exact recipe, then choose from any of the best Tu Bishvat recipes below.

Have fun and enjoy!

1. Tu Bishvat Shkediyah Chocolate Bark by Erin Grunstein

Celebrate Tu Bishvat with this beautiful and kid-friendly treat. How can you go wrong with chocolate and fruit?!

2. Fruity Chocolate “Bar”k by Menachem Goodman

Tu Bishvat is the day we celebrate nature, the blossoms of the trees, and the fruit of Hashem’s labor. This yummy treat is not only simple to make; it is a way to bring the spirit of the new year for the trees into your children’s day.

For a cute Tu Bishvat idea, place the finished bars in a small plastic bag. Attach a little note and place it in your child’s backpack or tote for a yummy treat that will make their day!!

3. Chocolate Caramel Apple Sticks by Malky and Yossi Levine

This treat has all the flavors of caramel apples, but it’s a lot easier to prepare. Slice, dip, set, and enjoy!

4. Chocolate Lollipops with Dehydrated Fruit by Esty Wolbe

Fruit and chocolate is a classic combo for any occasion, and these pops are a fun way to enjoy them! Make sure to lay a whole piece of whatever fruit is inside, so the lucky recipients of these treats will know what they’re biting into.

Watch how Esty does it on Easy Does It!

5. Grilled Fruits on Skewers by Bluma Gordon

Add a flavorful twist to both new fruits and old favorites. See more ideas of easy ways to have fun with your fruits HERE!

6. Citrus, Roasted Beet, Fennel, and Mixed Green Salad by Elizabeth Kurtz

Visually sensational and wonderfully balanced, this salad is a showstopper. The colors are bold and vibrant and the flavors are equally as dramatic. Take care to store beets separately because they tend to bleed onto everything, coloring the other items pink. You can prepare them up to three days ahead of time, but place them on the salad just before serving.

7. Glazed Fresh Fruit Salad with Baked Cinnamon Twists by Rivky Kleiman

Refreshing, light, and oh, so tasty. A dessert you’ll keep making again and again.

8. Green Goddess Fruit Platter with Cheesecake Dip by Rachel Kor

This “cheesecake” dessert is a lighter, healthier, and easier way to enjoy cheesecake and comes without any of the baking or stress. It’s perfect for company because of how easy and quick it is to make. If you have a stand mixer, the cheesecake dip literally only takes a minute or two to put together. Plus, you can make and assemble the platter in advance, refrigerate, and bring it out when ready to serve.

9. Fruit-Topped Brownie “Pizza” by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

Brownies topped with delicious cream and fresh fruits, yum! Nuts are optional. What a fresh and pretty way to decorate your brownies (or you can borrow the concept for any baked good), without a ton of added food coloring and sugars.

10. Chocolate Lacy Lollipops by Esther Ottensoser

These lacy lollipops are a cinch to make and so elegant. They are decorated with nuts and dried fruit in honor of Tu B’shevat but you could easily switch up the toppings to match practically any theme or color scheme to serve these at another occasion.

11. Passion Fruit Salad by Renee Muller

My kids are obsessed with passion fruit. They’ll pick a passion fruit over a bag of sour sticks any day of the week. It’s great, I know, but it’s the kind of healthy choice that will make me broke at $2.99 a pop. I believe this obsession started on a trip to London, years back. I’m not sure why, but passion fruits are pretty common and cheap there. So as a result, every time I traveled to London, or, as a matter of fact, every time anyone I knew traveled there, I made sure we’d smuggle at least a dozen passion fruits back to the US. My sister from Golders Green knows this is her only ticket into our home. Therefore, you can begin to understand my joy when I discovered passion fruit pulp in the freezer section of my local grocery! Granted, you cannot compare to eating the actual fruit with a spoon. But the flavor is all there. When it comes to preparing a fruit salad, there are no set rules. A salad that’s prepared in August will not and cannot be the same as the one prepared in January. Therefore, trust yourself and create your very own combination. I give you here a sample of fruits (the ones I used for the picture) but you can change it all to your liking. The secret here lies in the “sauce.”

12. Seven Species Salad by Elana Heideman

Come enjoy all the seven species of Israel in one salad for your Tu Bishvat meal.

13. Pear Crumble by Esther Ottensoser

I find this recipe to be a perfect Yom Tov recipe, as most of the preparation can be done way in advance, yet they will still be perfectly fresh.

14. Dried Fruit-Stuffed Apples and Pears by Esty Wolbe

Looking for something to do with the dried fruit that always ends up in your pantry? Or just looking for a tasty Tu Bishvat treat? These adorable and delectable stuffed apples and pears are the perfect sweet treat!