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Every Resource You Need For Shavuot 2021 Is Right Here!

Kosher.com Staff April 28, 2021

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Shavuot is just a couple of weeks away, and we want you to be as ready for it as possible!

Whether you’re looking for freeze-ahead recipes, an easy menu, the best of the best cheesecake recipes, or maybe a festive craft for kids, we have it all!

For easy browsing, we’ve created an extensive list of our top Shavuot content– all in one easy place!

Browse through and enjoy!

Roundups, Recipes, and Menus:

  1. 27 Delicious Ways To Use Feta Cheese For Shavuot by Kosher.com Staff
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  7. An Easy and Flavorful Shavuot Menu by Kosher.com Staff
  8. 8 Decadent Milk & Honey Recipes for Shavuot! by Kosher.com Staff

  9. 9 Choice Snacks For All-Night Learning on Shavuot by Kosher.com Staff
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  11. Every (Dairy) Shavuos Recipe You Could Ever Need by Kosher.com Staff
  12. Extreme Dairy Dessert Roundup by Family Table Staff


  13. 45 Healthier Recipes for Shavuot! by Kosher.com Staff

  14. 14 Lighter Versions of Our Dairy Favorites by Kosher.com Staff

  15. How to Find a Healthy Balance on Shavuot by Mussy Raitman

    Cheesecake (because it deserves its own section):

  16. The 100 Best Cheesecake Recipes of All Time! by Kosher.com Staff
  17. 16 No-Bake Cheesecake Recipes for Shavuot by Kosher.com Staff

  18. 13 Best Cheesecakes Without the Cream Cheese! by Kosher.com Staff

  19. The Ultimate One-Bowl, No-Water-Bath Cheesecake! by Ally Mawhirter
  20. The 3 Greatest Cheesecake Mashups of All Time by Sabrina Gornish
  21. 11 Steps to Flawless Cheesecake by Brynie Greisman
  22. The Shavuot Dessert of Your Dreams: Silan Cheesecake Babka by Sina Mizrahi

    Crafts and Fun With Food:

  23. How to Make the Prettiest Gift Box for Shavuot by Rachel Kor

  24. How to Make Focaccia Bread Art for Shavuot by Rachel Kor
  25. Flowers, Matan Torah, and… Challah! by Tamar Ansh

  26. How to Involve Your Kids in the Shavuot Cooking by Tamar Teitelbaum
  27. How to Make the Cutest Mini Place Card Paintings for Shavuot by Lisa Dvorin
  28. The Easiest Way To Decorate Cookies For Shavuot! by Rachel Kor

  29. DIY Floral Imprint Napkins for Shavuot by Esther Ottensoser
  30. The Prettiest Floral Cookie Seating Cards for Shavuot by Esther Ottensoser
  31. Welcome Shavuot with These Garden Hors d’oeuvres by Esther Ottensoser
  32. 16 Ways to Create Beautiful Flower-Shaped Food by Kosher.com Staff
  33. How to Set Up the Perfect Cheese Board by Adina Schlass


  34. Set For Spring/Shavuot by Rachel Ostroy
  35. Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Floral Arrangements by Lubicom Marketing Staff
  36. How To Create A Shavuot Table With What You Have by Rachel Kor
  37. You Can Make This Stunning Floral Centerpiece For Shavuot! by Rachel Kor
  38. Design Tips for Your Shavuot Table by Kosher.com Staff
  39. 3 Charming Floral Arrangements for Spring by Devoiry Schlesinger

    All About Wine

  40. The Best Wines to Pair with Fish, Pasta, and Cheesecake for Shavuot! by Gabriel Geller
  41. How to Host A Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting in Honor of Shavuot by Gabriel Geller
  42. Honor Matan Torah with Honorable Wines by Gabriel Geller

    And So Much More…

  43. The Best Guide On Buying, Prepping And Cooking Fish! by Sandy Leibowitz
  44. 7 Best Non-Dairy Substitutes For Shavuot by Goldy Buxbaum

  45. How to Make an Eruv Tavshilin by OU Kosher