Shabbat Menu- Cooking with Wines in Honor of KFWE

Kosher.com Staff April 25, 2021

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The grand event of the year is coming up! Woohoo!


The KFWE (Kosher Food & Wine Experience) is THE kosher food and wine event of the year, with more than 400 wines to taste and re-taste, and countless dishes prepared by the top kosher restaurants and caterers in the Tri-State area!

For me, it is one of the busiest if not THE busiest days of the year, with dozens of journalists and wine enthusiasts chasing me all day long asking for my comments and advice on the new releases. I am always excited to see which wines will be poured and to taste them with like-minded people.

KFWE Miami, Tel Aviv and London are already behind us and they were a huge success. NYC is the “Grande Dame,” the largest of them all.

So if you want to taste the latest Herzog Generation VIII 2016, the Champagne Drappier Rosé de Saignée or the Latour Netofa White 2018 with me, get your tickets ASAP on thekfwe.com and I’ll see you either at KFWE NYC this coming Monday 2/17 or at KFWE LA on Wednesday 2/19!


In honor of KFWE, the Kosher.com team has collected some of their favorite recipes with wine. Check them out below!

Shabbat Shalom!



Marinated Basil Chicken Salad by Elky Friedman

A little less oil and a touch more zing…and the result is a fantastic recipe that we know you’ll all love.


Flanken-Mushroom-Cauliflower Soup by Chanie Nayman

There’s nothing that says comfort food for a cold night more than a hearty meat soup. You’ll go back to this one all winter long for a great meal-in-a-bowl recipe.


Ashkenazic Chicken with Wine (Hindle mit Vein) by Gil Marks

This roast chicken is typical of the Eastern European love of meats cooked with sweeteners and spices.


Steak with Red Wine Glazed Carrots, Parsnips, and Mushrooms by Jamie Geller

This steak is seared only four to five minutes on each side and then removed from the pan to rest while we cook our veggies. Once they’re ready, slice the meat against the grain and return it to the pan for just two minutes to heat through and coat with sauce.


Shallot and Fennel Chicken by Rorie Weisberg

When creating a healthy main, avoiding sugary sauces is a must. This recipe is unique and elegant without excess sugar. A dry white wine like Herzog Lineage Chardonnay adds great flavor.


White Wine Haricot Verts by Chaia Frishman

With a light infusion of white wine and some delicious shallots (also a smaller and sweeter relative of the onion), this is a simple side. And yes, feel free to substitute with string beans and sweet onions.


Chocolate Fudge Bars by Estee Kafra

Wait till you see how the wine is used in this one! Try this easy way to make next-level fudge bars.


Kindel Nut Filled Roll Delicacy from the Dining In Cookbook

The taste of these Kindel can transport you back in time and across the ocean to where our grandmothers made these delicious pastries for Yom Tov and other special occasions.


Wine Granita by Brynie Greisman

Mix dessert and wine and the end results are delicious and refreshing. Perfect as a palate cleanser or dessert.


Pink Poached Pears in Wine from the Nitra Cookbook

These poached pears in wine syrup can be served with Coffee Cake and whipped cream, diced over yogurt and Quinoa Granola, or alongside a scoop of ice cream. Elegant, dramatic, and delicious.