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21 of the Best Vegan Chanukah Party Recipes

Kosher.com Staff August 12, 2023

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There is something about Chanukah parties that are just a bit more magical than your average gathering. The glistening lights from the menorah and laughter from the Chanukah games being played definitely add to the festivities, but there’s something about all the incredible food that seems to always stand out.


Because the food is so important over Chanukah, we’ve gathered a bunch of delicious vegan recipes so none of your vegan family and friends feel left out.


So remember your vegan guests this year, and make some of the delicious vegan recipes below for them to enjoy!


  1. Vegan Potato Latkes by Rorie Weisberg
  2. Quick Vegan Donuts with Chocolate Sauce by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok
  3. Beer-Batter Broccoli Bites by Rivky Kleiman
  4. French Onion Soup from the Dining In Cookbook
  5. Chimichurri Mushroom Salad by Michal Frischman
  6. Cream of Parsnip Soup from the Dining In Cookbook
  7. Mini Pommes (Potatoes) Anna by The Peppermill
  8. Savory Sweet Potato Tartlets by Brynie Greisman
  9. You-Won’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Dairy Pasta Dish by Estee Kafra
  10. Daniel’s Favorite Caesar Salad by Jessica Landa
  11. Quick and Easy Mushroom Quiche from the Dining In Cookbook
  12. Chocolate-Banana Cigars in Coconut-Caramel Sauce by Marilyn Ayalon
  13. Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes (Egg-Free) by Magen David Yeshivah
  14. Sweet Potato Crostini with Toppings by Rivki Rabinowitz
  15. Tomato-Garlic Confit by Adina Schlass
  16. Decadent Dessert Pizza by Estee Kafra
  17. Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese by Naomi Hazan
  18. Roasted Cauliflower with Maple Sriracha Dip by Sina Mizrahi
  19. Crispy Paprika Potatoes from the Nitra Cookbook
  20. Potato-Sweet Potato-Onion Crisp from the Dining In Cookbook
  21. Garlic Knots by Brynie Greisman