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Extreme Dairy Dessert Roundup

Extreme Dairy Dessert Roundup

It can be tough to find a good time to pull out those dairy dessert recipes, which is why you have no choice but to go all out when Shavuos comes around!


On a holiday where there’s no such thing as too much cream cheese, it’s hard to go wrong, but we’ve made it easy for you by putting together a list of recipes that are oh so right. 


With these 20 recipes burning a hole in your Shavuos menu ideas, we dare you to choose just one!


  1. Toffee Crunch Caramel Cheesecake by Rivky Kleiman
  2. Flowerpot Cakes by Idy Swimmer
  3. Bakery Cheese Danish Loaf by Brynie Greisman   
  4. Mini Cheese Cups by Brynie Greisman
  5. Mini White Chocolate Cheese Danishes by Rivky Kleiman
  6. Rice Crispies Cream Cheese Brownies by Rivky Kleiman

  7. Heavenly Cheesecake by Rivky Kleiman
  8. Cheese Trifles by Idy Swimmer
  9. Not Just for Kids Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chanie Nayman

  10. Coffee-Bean Cheese Cookies by Esther Ottensoser
  11. Triple Chocolate Mousse by Sara Wasserman
  12. White Chocolate Cherry Trifles by Faigy Grossmann

  13. Layered Coffee Cake by Clara Fatal
  14. Cheese Pops by Idy Swimmer
  15. Caramel Cream Tartlets by Clara Fatal

  16. White Chocolate Rice Krispie Fingers by Clara Fatal
  17. Chocolate Pudding Cappuccino Cheese Brownies by Faigy Grossman
  18. Concentric Circle Cheesecake by Clara Fatal

  19. Chocolate Biscuit Cheesecake by Clara Fatal
  20. Cherry Ice Pops by Temi Philip