Recipe Roundups

Family-Food for Shabbat Nachamu

Kosher.com Staff July 28, 2020

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On Shabbat Nachamu, we move from the mourning of Tisha B’av to the consolation and hope for the future. This is our favorite time of year for going the extra mile make special foods for our families, or our guests if we’re hosting. (Did you see our article on how to host a socially distanced outdoor kiddush?)


Shabbat afternoon is long and pleasant and the mood is joyful. Whether you try the pulled beef, grilled chicken, or pastrami tacos, any of the options in this roundup will fulfill even the most ardent meat lover’s dreams. Enjoy!


  1. Marinated “Grilled” Vegetables from the Dining In Cookbook

  2. Cowboy Steak and Veggie Board by Michal Frischman

  3. Charcuterie Ring by Family Table Staff

  4. Pastrami Tacos by Michal Frischman

  5. Pulled Beef and Gravy Fries by Chanie Nayman

  6. Sweet and Spicy Lukshen Kugel from the Dining In Cookbook

  7. Potato Flanken Kugel (Yapchik) by Victoria Dwek and Leah Schapira

  8. Boneless Fried Chicken by Kolev Klein

  9. Barbecue Chicken Wings by Draizy Wercberger

  10. Grilled Chicken 2 Ways by Mindy and Tuli Feferkorn

  11. Meat on the Fast Track by Chanie Nayman

  12. Individual Charcuterie Boards by Rivky Kleiman

  13. Beer-Battered Corn Dogs by Zehava Krohn

  14. Party Dogs by Rivky Kleiman

  15. Tongue ’N’ Mustard Spring Rolls with Apricot-Bourbon Dipping Sauce by Chanie Nayman

  16. Barbecue Pastrami Pizza by Estee Kafra

  17. Crispy Beef Hot Poppers by Michal Frischman