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24 Pasta Recipes Absolutely Perfect for Shavuot

24 Pasta Recipes Absolutely Perfect for Shavuot

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When it comes to Shavuot, cheesecake is an obvious must. But what’s the next food that needs to make an appearance at our Shavuot table? Pasta. There’s just nothing like digging into a big plate of pasta–it’s comfort food at its best!

However, to make our pasta truly the best, we recommend using quality pasta–one of our favorites, Tuscanini pasta!

Tuscanini Pasta is made with quality ingredients and comes in a variety of beautiful shapes. The pasta shapes instantly take your recipes up a notch, or ten, so you’re not only impressing your guests with the fresh and delicious taste, but with the presentation as well! That sounds like an extra special Shavuot to us!

Whether you’re a fan of cheesy creamy pasta dishes or prefer fresh and seasonal pasta recipes, we’ve gathered recipes that the entire family will love! So browse through and discover some new Shavuot favorites! Enjoy!

  1. Sautéed Vegetable Pasta by Kelly Cohen
  2. Middle Eastern Pasta with Gremolata by Marilyn Ayalon
  3. Vegan Mac and Cheeze by Rebecca Kinzbrunner
  4. Pasta Al Forno with Three Cheeses, Spinach and Caramelized Shallots by Daphna Rabinovich
  5. Portobello Mushroom and Pasta Salad by Miriam Zupnik
  6. Primavera Salad from Zeta Olive Oil
  7. Easy Cheesy Pesto Pasta by Faigy Grossman
  8. Creamy Pasta Salad by Estee Kafra
  9. Zesty Pasta with Chickpeas by Brynie Greisman
  10. Suppertime Pasta Salad from the Dining In cookbook
  11. Penne in Cream Sauce by Batsheva Kass
  12. Baked Penne with Triple-Tomato Spinach Sauce by Brynie Greisman

  13. Three-Cheese Spinach Pasta by Michal Frischman
  14. Baked Ziti Primavera by Joy Devor
  15. Rice and Pasta Dish by Brynie Greisman
  16. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese by Sina Mizrahi
  17. Yussi’s Family Favorite Pasta by Heimish@Home
  18.  Pasta with Leafy Vegetables and Feta Cheese from Zeta Olive Oil
  19. Simple Garlic Basil Pasta by Rena Tuchinsky
  20. Grilled Vegetable and Chicken Penne by Faigy Grossman
  21. Pasta Florentine by Brynie Greisman
  22. Caprese Pasta Salad by Esty Wolbe
  23. Kickin’ Salsa Pasta by Chanie Nayman
  24. Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta by Sina Mizrahi