The Best Shavout Recipes and Meal Ideas (2024)

Leah Gottheim June 5, 2024

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Shavuot is a time of joyous celebration, spiritual reflection, and of course, delightful feasting. So what better way to honor the tradition than with a spread of delicious dishes? From Shavuot desserts, main dishes, and sides, we’ve compiled the best Shavuot recipes and meal ideas to make your holiday truly memorable.

Our selection features a diverse array of dishes that cater to every taste and preference, from recipes like Last Minute Miami Ribs and Sweet Chicken Lollipops to Loaded Cauliflower and Chimichurri Mushroom Salad. And let’s not forget the star of many Shavuot tables: decadent cheesecakes in a variety of flavors and styles, each more tempting than the last. 

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a kitchen novice, these recipes will inspire you to create a festive table full of flavor and tradition. From savory to sweet, light to indulgent, every dish in this roundup has been chosen to help you celebrate Shavuot with culinary excellence. So, let’s explore these culinary delights and bring the spirit of Shavuot to your home, one delicious recipe at a time.


1. 3-Ingredient No Bake Cheesecake by Naomi Elberg

Looking for a no bake cheesecake recipe that makes your life a lot easier… and sweeter? Forget the water baths and cracking- we’ll tell you how to make a perfect cheesecake in minutes. This easy no bake cheesecake will be delicious without any baking at all. What makes this one better than other no-bake cheesecake recipes, you ask? It has only 3 ingredients, and there’s no mixer needed! Like we said, literally the easiest cheesecake.

2. Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Soup by Esty Wolbe

Tortellini soup is a complete meal in a bowl that’s on Esty Wolbe’s meal rotation all throughout the winter! Watch Esty Wolbe cook up her latest brilliant, one-pot dinner idea.

3. Pizza Quiche by Chayie Schlisselfeld

Who says being a grown-up means you can never eat pizza? Enjoy this delicious “crossover” dish guilt-free, as it is also low in fat.

4. One-Bowl Toasted Coconut Cheesecake with Key Lime Curd by Ally Mawhirter

Cheesecakes are also known for being labor intensive and requiring lots of dishes. I’ve created this recipe (minus the topping) to be a super easy one-bowl recipe! I used a food processor as my one bowl – a large mixing bowl and hand mixer work, too. 

5. Best Lasagna by Rena Tuchinsky

Lasagna isn’t a new dish, but you’ve never tried this one. This recipe uses ingredients you can easily find and freezes well. Serve with this fresh salad and it’s the perfect meal for your family.

6. Macaroni, Onion, and Cheese Quiche by Brynie Greisman

This is really a cross between a kugel and a quiche. Caramelized onions add great flavor to an all-time favorite. The custard gives it a creamy quiche-like texture. Light enough for after the fast, and very filling too.

7. Brownie Bottom Cheesecake (Gluten Free) by Rorie Weisberg

Most cheesecakes are full of white flour, white sugar, and cream cheese. These ingredients are devoid of nutrients and have a hard impact on blood sugar and digestion. Enjoy this healthier version of a Shavuot staple. You will leave the table with a smile on your face and a light feeling in your body. Watch Rorie bring this cheesecake to life here!

8. Za’atar Salmon with Pomegranate Gremolata by Sina Mizrahi

When my kids were little (not very long ago), the afternoons stretched out and I’d join them on the floor — building Lego towers and erecting forts. I miss that stage more than I wished for it to pass. (Take note, young mothers, it flies by.) Play time was all day, and when dinner hour came along, I turned to easy, minimal recipes. This za’atar fish is nothing more than sprinkling some spices before the fish gets a short roast. We would eat it straight from the pan, flaking pieces of fish with our forks, swooping it into our mouths, like they were jet planes. The gremolata is a beautiful, fruity topping that adds brightness and contrast. I save it for when I’m particular about presentation. More often than not, I skip it, because some (many?) days, simplicity wins.

9. Israeli-Style No-Bake Cheesecake by Sarah Lasry

Much different then the baked sweet sleek smoothness of a New York-style cheesecake, the Israeli version is not too sweet and full of crumbly texture with every smooth, delicious, creamy bite.

10. Italian-Style Berry Ripple Cheesecake by Rachel Berger

This is an Italian-style cheesecake, as it is made with ricotta cheese and cream. It has a nice, light texture, and I took the liberty of running a ripple of fruit spread throughout for a nice flavor surprise and I placed it atop a cake-like crust for a nice rustic feel. The cake needs to come to room temperature slowly, and then must be refrigerated overnight for best texture. Don’t panic when it comes out of the oven a bit jiggly. Everything will solidify overnight.


11. Healthier Shabbos Day Meat Board by Odaiah Leeds

Boards have been a fad for a while now. There are dessert boards, cheese boards, appetizer boards…the ideas are endless. They are so fun and easy to prepare and have that wow effect.   This Shabbos meat board is a fun way to spice up your Shabbos seudah. Schnitzel, deli, beef jerky…you can add anything and everything to it. Here are a few of my favorites.   Note: I find beautiful wooden boards at Home Goods in Brick.

12. Barbecue-Flavored Roast by Brynie Greisman

One of my sons-in-law is a meat connoisseur, and I’m often challenged to come up with something that he’ll really appreciate. I tried this sauce on chicken first and then on a roast, and we couldn’t decide which was better. Even he enjoyed them both!

13. Just-Right Sweet and Saucy Brisket by Brynie Greisman

A symphony of flavors that blends together to give you a sumptuous, elegant roast like you’ve never tasted before. Simchas Yom Tov at its best!

14. Sweet Chicken Lollipops by Gitty Friedman

These chicken drumsticks get ultra-juicy. Make sure to keep them covered until serving to lock in the juices!

15. Last-Minute Miami Ribs by Estee Kafra

This is one of my favorite last minute, never-fail sauces and tastes terrific on Miami ribs. It couldn’t be simpler to prepare. Miami ribs are beef short ribs (flanken) that have been sliced into thin strips across the bone by the butcher. They’re about 1/2 inch thick. Short ribs are a kosher cut of beef. In this recipe, they are baked in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit in a sweet honey-soy sauce for two hours.


16. Simply Savory Salmon by Rivky Kleiman

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of putting this together. With its fresh, light garlic and lemon flavors, it simply can’t be beat.

17. Chimichurri Mushroom Salad by Michal Frischman

My mother is famous for her barbecues, and one thing she’s always done is whole portobello mushrooms. They’re meaty, filling, and so good! In this salad, they don’t need anything more than basic seasoning, since chimichurri is so flavorful and fresh.

18. Frozen Blueberry Crumble by Shifra Klein

Inspired by the classic dessert at the famous Mike’s Bistro restaurant in midtown Manhattan, this is a refreshing, unique dessert that incorporates the natural pairing of fruit crumble and ice cream into one memorable treat.

19. Lemondary Ice Cream by Michal Frischman

This is a blatant copycat version of this season’s Trader Joe’s lemon ice cream, which is quite tragically dairy. Well, dry your tears because this version is pretty close.

20. Loaded Cauliflower by Chaia Frishman

Calling burgers or French fries “dirty,” as they are often named on menus, doesn’t sit well with me. That said, for political correctness, I thought about calling this recipe “Disorganized Cauliflower,” but that sounded too pretentious. I settled on naming it Loaded Cauliflower. Not only because it’s loaded with flavor, but also because it’s loaded with possibilities of how to personalize it to your taste. See the different options each step of the way, and know that you will get messy eating this delicious dish.