How To Make Almost Any Food Into A Triangle For Purim!

Kosher.com Staff February 23, 2022

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There’s no easier way to make the Purim spirit come alive than by adding triangle-shaped foods to your mishloach manot or Seudah table. It’s a sure-fire way to impress and make the holiday feel extra special.


Sure we can achieve this with hamantaschen, but for those of you who really want to step out of your creative box, we’re with you. Below are 19 foods that can be made into the shape of a triangle- and we give you directions for each one!


Sushi? Yes! Babka? You bet! Knishes? Of course!


The possibilities are endless with this list- we hope you enjoy!


  1. Imitation Pepperoni Pizza by Brynie Greisman
    To make these adorable mini pizzas into a triangle, simply use a triangle cookie cutter! Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

  2. Tomato and Goat Cheese Pastries by Tamar Teitelbaum
    Gefen makes these perfectly square puff pastry sheets, so all you have to do is cut each square in half to make mini triangles before creating your frames and topping.

  3. Cheesy Garlic Buns by Chanie Nayman
    Try making these delicious garlic buns in a triangular pan!

  4. BBQ Chicken Pitas by Adina Silberman
    Once baked, cut these into fourths or eighths for triangle slices!

  5. Healthy Dark Chocolate Truffles by Rena Tuchinsky
    Have you ever seen fun-shaped chocolate truffles? Neither have we, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Instead of rolling these into balls, shape them into triangles and dip into toppings.

  6. Chocolate and Lotus Butter-Swirled Brownies by Elizabeth Kurtz
    Either pour batter into mini triangle-shaped pans and bake, or cut them into triangles with a triangle cookie cutter once baked and cooled.

  7. Meat Knishes by Brynie Greisman

    How adorable are these triangle-shaped knishes! Follow the directions in the recipe to get that perfect Purim shape.

  8. Healthier Franks in Blanks by Rorie Weisberg

    These franks in blanks are the perfect example of how you can take almost any small food and make it into a triangle shape without much effort or special gadgets!

  9. Pulled Veal “Hamantasch” Galette by Faigy Grossman
    Galettes are another great way to get that triangle shape on the table. This recipe is filled with veal and an amazing sweet and sour sauce, but feel free to make a galette with any of your favorite fillings instead!

  10. Nut Butter Rice Krispie Treats (Gluten-Free) by Rivki Rabinowitz
    Instead of cutting these into bars, cut them into triangles!

  11. Pomegranate Chocolate Clusters by Malky and Yossi Levine
    Instead of piping the chocolate in a circle pattern, pipe it into a triangle pattern! This is an elegant way of getting triangles on your Purim table.

  12. No-Bake Chocolate Bricks from the Nitra Cookbook
    After shaping your beautiful chocolate into a log, use 2 hard and very flat surfaces (cake scraper or plate), to flatten on both sides to form a point, making the log into a long triangle shape.

  13. Peanut Chew Brownies by Faigy Grossman
    Instead of cutting these into squares, cut them into triangles! Be sure to use a very sharp knife!

  14. Saucy Asian Meatballs by Zehava Krohn
    In all honesty, we haven’t tried shaping meatballs into triangles, but imagine they would be very cute! This recipe calls for baking the meatballs, which should help them hold their shape.

  15. SandwichTaschen by Ally Mawhirter
    These adorable “linzertaschen” are the cutest hybrid of both the classic hamantaschen and linzer tart cookie!

  16. Sushi Hamantaschen by Esty Wolbe
    Esty Wolbe does it again with these beautiful sushi hamanatschen! They’re the perfect way to get food that everyone ACTUALLY wants to eat into a triangle shape.

  17. Baked Avocado Eggroll Hamantaschen with Cashew Tamarind Dipping Sauce by Sabrina Gornish

    Sushi triangles? Linzer tart triangles? And now egg roll triangles? So much yes! Using round wonton wrappers as the “dough” takes away half the work of preparing hamantaschen! Genius!

  18. BabkaTaschen by Naomi Elberg
    Can you picture your guests’ faces when they see a giant babka the shape of a triangle? Add a wow factor with this recipe and feel confident that you just won Purim. (These are also the perfect treat for the Shabbat right after Purim.)

  19. Luxury Breakfast Hamantaschen by Esther Mendelevich
    For those of you who have a fancy Purim brunch, these breakfast hamantaschen are for you!