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The Best Purim Recipes and Meal Ideas (2024)

Kosher.com Staff March 15, 2023

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Some of the most important parts about Purim revolve around food, whether giving delicious baked treats in mishloach manot or sitting down to an elaborate Purim seudah. There’s no question that finding the best Purim recipes is an absolute must, yet it’s not always easy to do.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best Purim recipes for you here. From Meat Empanadas and Pizza Hamantaschen to Barbecue Flavored Roast and Chinese Chicken Poppers with Spicy Aioli, these recipes will make the best Purim meals possible for you and your friends and family!

Enjoy, and Happy Purim!

1. Purim Roast by Brynie Greisman

Exquisitely simple. Exceptionally soft and savory. Welcome your new roast! There’s no specific dominating flavor profile here. You won’t taste the smoked paprika or the wine. All the ingredients blend together harmoniously to give you the softest, most delicious meat ever.

2. Edible Paint Purim Cookies by Esty Wolbe

Watch Esty get a little carried away with this super fun edible activity here!

3. Pizza-Stuffed Hamantaschen by Rochelle Daniel

Add these fun pizza hamantaschen to your menu to get into the Purim spirit. Creative, yummy, and easy – you can even make them with your kids. Feel free to swap the olives for your personal favorite pizza toppings.

4. Fabulous Mask Cookies by Shena Dominitz

Its time to get creative and bring the kids into the fun! These beauties will impress everyone from family to guests. It is a wonderful Mishloach Manot addition, and the receiver will be talking about this unique cookie until Pesach! Break out the party!

5. Hamantaschen by Tamara Friedman

This is my favorite hamantaschen recipe. The dough is so easy to prepare, and it calls for oil instead of margarine. These are a soft hamantaschen, but they do not open when baking. Use whatever you enjoy for the filling, whether it’s a traditional filling, or something more trendy. (Get all your hamentaschen fillings inspiration here.) I recommend chocolate chips for kids, as it’s easy for them to handle, and not too messy. Here I used a parve nougat filling, such as Delinut, and some Lotus cookie butter. I used the smallest Oxo cookie scoop, filled halfway, to fill the hamantashens. Make sure to pinch them well! Dipping them in melted chocolate and decorating the hamantaschen.

6. Meat Empanadas by Vera Newman

Definitely a crowd pleaser, these little Latin American-style turnovers will be your new go-to appetizer recipe. These pillows of heavenly goodness are so decadent, everyone will be begging for more.

Growing up in Panama, these were a staple at every simcha, family get together, and Shabbat table. You could always find them next to kibbe, Moroccan cigars, and meat bourekas. They were the go-to beautiful appetizer to enhance any table. When I moved to the US a few years ago, I couldn’t believe people here were missing out on this delicacy! I cannot wait for you to make these for your Purim Seudah. Trust me, they are out of control! Move over eggrolls, empanadas are here to stay!

7. Barbecue-Flavored Roast by Brynie Greisman

One of my sons-in-law is a meat connoisseur, and I’m often challenged to come up with something that he’ll really appreciate. I tried this sauce on chicken first and then on a roast, and we couldn’t decide which was better. Even he enjoyed them both!

8. Too Good! Deli Salad by Faigy Grossman

I created this salad with the idea that it would be a nice Purim seudah salad to serve with the main course. Once I plated it (and ended up eating the whole thing up!), I realized that it also makes a gorgeous appetizer, so it’s your choice when to use it. What’s amazing (besides the incredible taste) is how simple it is to prepare — you can really pull the whole thing together in minutes!

9. Skirt Steak Appetizer by Faigy Grossman

I first attempted this recipe using a less pricey cut of meat, but it didn’t quite make the grade. With skirt steak, the end results were exactly what I was hoping for: a delightful mouthful of sweet and savory goodness, just right for the Purim seudah. Since you get ten portions from just one pound of meat, I decided to go ahead with this version.

10. Mamoul by Clara Fatal

These traditional cookies originated in Aleppo, Syria. The unique appearance is achieved by rolling the dough into a ball, making a depression, filling, closing, and pinching with special tweezers.

11. Apple Strudel Baklava by Erin Grunstein

This is a mouthwatering combination of baklava and strudel, with a crispy outside and soft and chewy inside.

12. Salami Egg Roll Bites by Esty Wolbe

Egg rolls are always fun to eat, but not so much fun to make. That is until now. For more great ideas to keep it easy, watch Easy Does It.

13. Honey-Hot Drumettes by Michal Frischman

The biggest problem with wings is how difficult they are to eat (not to mention clean!), and the biggest problem with drumsticks is that they’re too big to be a good party finger food, right? The answer: drumettes. Not only are they adorable, but the perfect size for a party plate. I highly recommend making more than you think you’ll need. They go fast and they’re super easy to make!


14. Tacotaschen by Erin Grunstein

A fun twist on Hamantaschen – perfect for this year’s Purim, which falls on Taco Tuesday.

15. Sushi Hamantaschen by Esty Wolbe

Best costume this Purim is going to sushi—dressed up as hamantaschen with all your favorite sushi fillings, fish optional! These are as simple to make as they are beautiful.

16. Full ‘n Free Grain-Free Hamantaschen by Rorie Weisberg
Enjoy Purim’s traditional favorite with ingredients that love your body back!

17. Brach’s Famous London Broil by Rivky Kleiman

Brachs in Queens, one of the first kosher superstores in the Tristate area, was renowned for its takeout and especially for its London broil. I am pleased to be able to share this recipe with you, contributed by Mr. Brach’s daughter, Elana.

18. Pulled Beef Flatbread by Elizabeth Kurtz

Use all store-bought ingredients (or just some) for this delicious, keep-it-simple recipe. The amazing part is that it looks so complicated and on-trend (everything on a pizza crust is good!). Any store-bought flatbread or prepared pizza crust works. If I cannot find any of those, I buy store-bought pizza dough, roll it into a 13- x 18-inch rectangle, and press into a baking sheet. Bake in a preheated 400-degree-Fahrenheit oven for about seven minutes.

19. Cinnamon Palmiers by Paula Shoyer

A classic cookie that you can make super-duper easy by using store-bought puff pastry.

20. Mom’s Beef Kreplach by Naomi Nachman

The dough comes together in minutes, and the meat filling is the best you’ll ever taste with the addition of a secret ingredient. This recipe is comfort food at its finest! You better believe these can be made in advance and frozen!

21. Chinese Chicken Poppers with Spicy Aioli by Rorie Weisberg

Watch Rorie make these easy poppers here!

22. Bukharian Samsa by Victoria Zirkiev

Watch Naomi Nachman and Victoria Zirkiev create these simple yet beautiful savory treats, here!

23. Classic Tahdig by Charlene Aminoff

Learn how to make the perfect crunchy Tahdig. Tahdig is a classic double-baked Persian rice dish with a crispy crust. Watch Sunny-Side Up to learn how to make two of Charlene Aminoff’s favorite variations of traditional Tahdig.

24. Last-minute Purim Appetizer by Chanie Nayman

This recipe can easily be scaled to serve however many guests are invited to your seuda – or any number of last-minute (or last-second!) invitees.

25. Loaded Steak Sandwich by Rachel Goldzal

Who doesn’t love a good steak sandwich loaded up with all of the fixings?

Watch Naomi and Rachel make this overloaded sandwich here!