21 Nut-Free Desserts for Passover

Kosher.com Staff April 7, 2024

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Passover and nuts pretty much go hand in hand. Besides the cost of nuts, and nut products being pricey, this can present a real challenge to those with a nut allergy. That’s where we come in!

We’ve rounded up 21 delicious nut-free dessert recipes for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Desserts like sorbet, ice cream, and mousse are no-brainers when it comes to nut-free desserts. That’s why we’ve chosen recipes that are a bit harder to come by, like nut-free cakes, cookies, brownies, and tarts.

And for those looking for savory nut-free recipes, check out our recipe roundup here!

  1. Chocolate Mousse Cake by Leah Walkin
    Believe me when I say this recipe is a winner. The richness of the chocolate is cut by the coffee flavor, really upgrading the ordinary chocolate dessert. This mousse cake truly never disappoints. As an added bonus, it’s super simple to prepare!
  2. Nut-Free Giant ’Smore Cookies by Esty Wolbe
    Jumbo chocolate marshmallow cookies!? We’re here for the fun. Today, Esty shares the most dense and fudgy s’mores cookies that you’ll adore all year round… oh, and on Passover, too. Don’t even think of taking out that mixer – the batter comes together by hand in one single bowl. Watch how it comes together on Easy Does It.
  3. Shortcut Chocolate Cheese Muffins for Passover by Shaindy Siff
    These muffins are so delicious and are a breeze to make with the help of Manischewitz’s extra moist chocolate cake mix. Enjoy over Yom Tov as a snack or breakfast, or take on a Chol Hamoed trip. Shaindy shows us how to make these Passover muffins on Just Make It!
  4. Chocolate Paradise Passover Dessert (Nut-Free) by Faigy Grossman
    Three decadent layers of chocolate – a delicious and satisfying end to your Yom Tov seuda (meal)! This recipe yields two nine x 13-inch pans, so you have enough for the “gantze mishpacha,” and it’s nut-free, for a change on Pesach. Chocoholics – this one’s for you!

  5. Flourless Chocolate Cake (Nut Free, Gluten Free) by Caryn Schneider
    Rich and decadent chocolate flavor, perfect for Passover.
  6. Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Chocolate-Zucchini Muffins (great for Passover!) by Rorie Weisberg
    These delicious, better-for-you treats are made with coconut flour, arrowroot flour, and sweetened with applesauce and dates.
  7. Lemon Possets by Janie Chazanoff
    The flavors of lemon meringue pie, minus the pastry. Perfect for Pesach!

  8. Funfetti Coconut Macaroons by Faigy Grossmann
    Not too many years back, the only store-bought Pesach cookie option was the humble coconut macaroon (not to be confused with the delicate French macaron). My kids refuse to eat macaroons; they don’t see why I consider them a tasty treat. So I’ve gone and added sprinkles — because everything colorful is clearly more fun to eat!
  9. Pesach Sponge Cake by Faigy Grossmann
    Oh, the joy of finding the perfect Pesach cake! This one is simple to make and holds up beautifully. Instead of finding a variety of successful recipes, I prefer to work with one basic recipe and change up the flavors. I’ve included some variations in the recipe below.
  10. Passover Brownies by Paula Shoyer
    This recipe requires just one saucepan, which you use both for melting the chocolate and margarine and for mixing in the other ingredients
  11. Passover Chocolate Cake by The Peppermill
    Nothing beats a perfect one-bowl cake in your recipe repertoire.

  12. Passover Strawberry Tiramisu by Chavi Feldman
    Who says tiramisu has to be made with the traditional coffee flavor? Try this strawberry version for a light and easy dessert that’s sure to become one of your family’s favorites!
  13. Gluten Free S’mores by Ruth Fox and Vicky Cohen
    These gluten free s’mores are also dairy free, delicious, and decadent. Perfect for Pesach!
  14. Pesach Soufflé Chocolate Cakes by The Peppermill
    These flourless, fudgy chocolate cakes can be prepared in advance and frozen raw for the freshest tasting results.
  15. Zero-Bowl Passover Brownie by Michal Frischman
    I am not a fan of cakes that promise chocolate flavor and don’t deliver. This one is a chocolate bomb, with the best crispy edges of any brownie, ever. I call it “zero bowl” because you make it all in the pot you melt the chocolate in!
  16. Basic Pavlova Recipe by Faigy Grossmann
    Pavlova, a meringue-based dessert (named for the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova), is a perfect dessert for Pesach. Aside from being light, sweet, and a showstopper, it is naturally chometz-free and doesn’t require much in the way of substitutions. Pavlova is quick to prepare and variations are limitless. Follow these handy tips and unleash your creativity.
  17. Egg and Nut-Free Passover Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chaya Sara Auerbach
    This is a double recipe, as the egg replacement replaces two eggs. The dough may seem really hard to handle, but do not add more liquid! Put on gloves sprayed with cooking spray to form the cookies. They spread a bit but not too much. Adapted from Janie Chazanoff’s recipe in Whisk Issue #210.
  18. Strawberries and Cream Pie for Passover by Esty WolbeA sweet and easy strawberries and cream pie! If you’re feeling adventurous, follow Esty’s favorite flavor combo and top the strawberry jam with balsamic glaze.

    Watch Esty create this simple crowd-pleaser here!

  19. Pesach Lemon Curd Blueberry Tart (Gluten Free) by Sam Adler
    This lemon-blueberry tart is so simple to prepare in advance and assemble right before serving. Not to mention, gorgeous.
  20. Chocolate Quinoa Cake (Gluten Free) by Paula Shoyer
    I had heard the myth of chocolate cakes made with cooked quinoa and didn’t quite believe they’d actually be tasty. This cake is surprisingly moist and delicious—great for Passover (without pure vanilla extract) and all year round.
  21. Perfect Pesach Torte (Gluten Free) by Brynie GreismanPesach cakes are notoriously temperamental. Just when you think you’ve found a recipe that works, and the cake comes out “as high as the sky,” a few minutes later it’s “as low as the sea” — which is very frustrating, to say the least.

    Here is a cake that stays high and fluffy, has very little oil, and lends itself to all different variations — fruit, chocolate, nuts, and more. Follow instructions carefully and your cake will look and taste just like mine!