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Individual Desserts Perfect For Parties!

Kosher.com Staff January 24, 2021

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In the age of socially distant and drive-by parties, the way we once celebrated is a total no-no, and for good reason! No one wants to eat from a fondue fountain that may have been subject to double dipping. But your nephew’s bar mitzvah, your aunt’s retirement and Grandparents’ anniversary can’t (and shouldn’t!) be put on hold just because the way we once entertained is a thing of the past.

So how can you serve cake and (safely) eat it too? Individual desserts all the way!

Below you’ll find 32 irresistible desserts that’ll make any celebration special. And don’t forget to put these cute confections in to-go containers! You can find a list of great container options here.

  1. Macerated Fruit Salad with Crunch by Nechama Norman
  2. Vanilla Strawberry Trifles by Rivky Kleiman
  3. Peanut Caramel, Snickers Cream, and Caramelized Popcorn Cups by Efrat Libfroind
  4. Tutti Fruity Mix from the Nitra Cookbook
  5. S’mores Trifle by Victoria Dwek
  6. Mini Mousse from the Nitra Cookbook
  7. Strawberry Cheesecake Trifles by Sara and Yossi Goldstein
  8. Lemon and Vanilla Cream Cups with Lacy Tuile Balls by Efrat Libfroind
  9. PB&J the Adult Way by Meir Goldberg
  10. Strawberry Mousse Cups by Nechama Norman
  11. No-Bake Coffee Oreo Cheesecake Jars by Richelle Tarko
  12. Milchig Mousse Lotus Cups by Faigy Grossman
  13. White Chocolate Hazelnut Cappuccino Custard by Chaia Frishman
  14. Cookie-Bottom Individual Cheesecakes by Christina Dymock
  15. Mini Viennese Mousse Cups from the Nitra Cookbook

  16. Apple Smores Tartlets by Faigy Grossman
  17. Mini Apple Pies by Erin Grunstein
  18. Petit Four from the Nitra Cookbook
  19. Rich Chocolate “Babka” Pudding by Estee Kafra
  20. Patisserie Cream Mini-Pies with Swiss Meringue by Clara Fatal
  21. Dunkaroos Trifles by Sarah Botwinick
  22. Chocolate Liqueur Pudding Cups by Naami Jearolmen
  23. Mini Tiramisu Bites by Estee Kafra
  24. Frozen Praline Mousse Cups with Hazelnut Filled Bamba by Faigy Grossman

  25. White Chocolate-Strawberry Dessert by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok
  26. Coffee Mousse Trifles with Chocolate Cake Crumbs by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen
  27. Chocolate Tiramisu by Kiki Fisher
  28. White Chocolate Pomegranate Tarts by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen
  29. Peanut Chew Popsicles from the Dining In Cookbook
  30. Babka Bites by Paula Shoyer
  31. Mini Pavlova with White-Chocolate Cream and Strawberries by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok
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Originally published January 2021. Updated and improved June 2021.