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The Ultimate Online Purim Shopping Guide

The Ultimate Online Purim Shopping Guide

For some of us, Mishloach Manot packaging is a welcome outlet for creativity and self-expression. For others, it’s just, well, intimidating. There are so many DECISIONS! Bag it? Box it? Saran wrap it? Choose to go the “match-my-kids’-costume-theme” route? (READ: Drive to 20 stores to find the elusive monkey-shaped box.) Or stick to classy and elegant? (READ- Buy every candy, cookie, and confection that coordinates with that perfect shade of turquoise ribbon.)

Don’t forget, you also need to decide on the FOOD that’s going inside your package. Good thing this is a kosher food website, so we have plenty of ideas.

Luckily, we at Kosher.com have done the research for you! We’ve curated a list of packaging options complete with online resources. And you know we couldn’t resist throwing in a few ideas for what to put inside.

You’re welcome.


1. Keep it simple

No shalach manot guide would be complete without the classic lucite box. These clear cubes are indeed the perfect blank slate. Modern and streamlined, you can’t go wrong with this look. Stack and fill with candies, chocolates, nuts, or cupcakes of course. Add ribbon and crinkle paper shreds for color, and voilá!

2. Dress it up

Here’s a sturdier lucite cube with your monogram on it—fancy! Still unsure how to maximize this look? Try this gorgeous idea!

3. Get geometric

These cookie boxes are playful and super easy to assemble. They are bi-colored, with a brown base and your choice of five color options for the top. They also come in three sizes. Don’t know what cookies to bake? These look delish!

4. Save a slice

If you planned on baking cakes but don’t want to slave away in the kitchen making miniature versions of everything, this kraft slice box is an ingenious option. This version actually comes with all supplies needed i.e. baker’s twine and kraft fork! Pretty convenient! Don’t feel limited to doing cakes or pies. How about a slice of this savory chili pizza or this decadent dessert pizza?

5. Make ‘em search

This purim-themed box is adorable. The best part? The theme is taken care of. Fill with hamantaschen of course.


1. Bowls are the new plates

The food bowl trend, in which nutrient-packed ingredients are artfully layered in—you guessed it—a bowl, makes a great Shalach Manot option. As anyone can attest, Purim day is busy, so sending over actual food that can be eaten on the spot is golden.

You can purchase a fun decorative bowl or a shallow white bowl, and have fun layering ingredients. Just make sure your bowl is shrink wrapped, so it can safely reach its destination. If you choose the smoothie bowl route you can leave ingredients unblended and include the recipe inside. This berry and cream smoothie bowl looks and tastes amazing! Or try this delicious zoodle and veggie bowl.

2. Have your bowl and eat it too

A tortilla bowl served up with your favorite salad is both beautiful to look at and of course eat!  You can purchase a set of mini tortilla bowl molds and serve it up mini- because everything’s cute pint sized.

Or simply preheat oven to 425°F. Lightly spray both sides of each tortilla with no stick cooking spray. Press each tortilla into a 1-quart oven safe bowl to form a bowl shape. Place on baking sheet. Bake 10 minutes or until edges are browned.

Now for the perfect salad- how about this Caesar salad with crispy onions (as pictured above). Or this awesome crispy candied beef fry salad.


1. Stack it and stuff it

Some might say the mason jar trend has run its course, but we couldn’t disagree more. The versatility and limitless options make it a Shalach Manot hero! Layer a salad like the one above or try a jar of strawberry heaven. Jar your favorite smoothie or iced coffee recipe. Don’t have one? This works. And definitely this.

2. Smaller is better

Check out these mini jars. They’re perfect for bottling your favorite spice blend, sauce, or granola.  And yes, they do a pretty good job holding candy too.

3.  On-the-go

You can also pair granola with your favorite Greek yogurt in a parfait cup with an insert specifically designed to hold toppings. (Soggy granola is a definite no-no!)

4. Leave it to the milkman

We are loving these milk bottle vases! Fill ‘em up with candy, chocolate, or this popcorn. This can even double as a centerpiece for your recipient’s Purim seuda by adding in some fresh florals. Whoa.


Sending a Mishloach Manos that doubles as a seudah component is ideal. A charcuterie board totally fits the bill. A classic charcuterie board consists of an array of cured meats, jams, fresh/dried fruit, and bread or crackers. You can make a mini version on this gorgeous set of slate boards (pictured above,) or on an olive wood paddle board (pictured below).

Beef jerky and/or smoked lamb fingers would be a great meat choice for your charcuterie board. Pair with spicy pita chips, red onion confit, and some gorgeous figs or grapes for color—definitely VIP worthy.


There are many reasons to gift cookie dough. The sender does not actually have to bake. The recipient can enjoy super fresh homemade cookies at his/her convenience. It’s win-win. Ice cream cartons are a totally fun and innovative way to package and store the cookie dough magic. Take it to the next level with these Everything Cookie Dough Truffles.


No need to painstakingly handwrite your labels or tags anymore.  Customize and order them from sites like Evermine, and you will wonder why you never thought to do this in the first place. You can choose from their huge selection of designs and just add text, or upload your own design (for the more tech savvy out there). There are SO many options, but here are a few of our faves.

1. Watercolor Wash

2. Vintage Craft

3. Apothecary Graphic

These also come in sticker labels, so feel free to order according to your package needs.

4. Add some shine

Raffia adds great color and texture to packaging. We love this three-in-one pearlized version. Not to mention, it’s SHINY!

5. Washi Tape

Washi tape is another innovative way to instantly dress up a box concept. It comes in endless patterns and colors, so matching your theme is a cinch. And it’s fun.

Exhibit A:

Feel free to shop some more. Here’s a resource list of sites we referenced in article.

Amazon.com – Amazon Prime is your friend. Last minute shoppers rejoice!

Papermart.com– Excellent resource for all baking packaging

Etsy.com– Best site for unique handmade, or vintage items and supplies found nowhere else

Worldmarket.com– Great houseware selection if you’re going the gifty route

Target.com –No explanation needed

Evermine.com– Customized labels and tags

Itsafavor.com– Customized Mishloach Manot packaging

Chaiandhome.com– Pre printed Purim themed bags and boxes