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20 Fish Recipes Perfect For the Nine Days

20 Fish Recipes Perfect For the Nine Days

Now that the 9 Days have begun, it’s dairy and parve all week long. It’s hard for many of us to think of what to make if you’re used to chicken and meatball dinners, and it’s too easy to default to pasta, and more pasta. Don’t get me wrong, pasta is great – it’s easy and delicious – but maybe not for nine days straight. Instead, try using fish as your main base! Fish is a great option for the 9 Days– it’s quick, healthy, and can be really delicious.

This year, why not try something new that you don’t usually make? Instead of teriyaki salmon, try lemon butter or feta-stuffed. Instead of fish sticks, try fish ‘n chips. You may win over even your picky non-fish eaters that way!

So, get creative with your menus and try something parve, tasty, and nutritious that you and your family will enjoy. Let us know what you’re going to try in the comments!

  1. Lemon Butter Herbed Salmon by Naomi Nachman
  2. Salmon and Orzo Salad from the Dining In Cookbook
  3. Spinach and Feta-stuffed Salmon by Esty Wolbe
  4. Marinated Salmon Topped With Creamy Mushrooms by Estee Kafra
  5. Mediterranean-Style Sea Bass by Kim Kushner
  6. Tasty Tuna Steak from the Dining In Cookbook
  7. Grilled Salmon with Sun-Dried Tomato and Olive Dressing by Sarah Tyberg
  8. Salmon Burgers by Beth Warren
  9. Orange Flounder by Michal Frischman
  10. Teriyaki Salmon and Avocado Bowl with Pickled Radishes by Sarah Walker Caron
  11. Flounder and Salmon Roll-Ups over Angel Hair Pasta by Chayie Schlisselfeld

  12. Lazy but Crispy Fish by Kim Kushner
  13. Salmon Kebab by Reyna Simnegar
  14. Baked Fish ‘n’ Chips by Faigy Grossman
  15. Tangy Tilapia Tacos by Chavi Feldman
  16. Cedar-Wrapped Salmon by The Peppermill

  17. Aromatic Salmon by Chana Miriam Perel
  18. Light and Luscious Pasta-Tuna Salad by Avigail Maizlik
  19. Make Your Own Poke Bowls by Dini Klein
  20. Oven-Roasted Sesame Garlic Salmon Fillets by Suri Silberstein