The Best Shabbat Main Dish Recipe Ideas (2024)

Rachel Kor January 2, 2024

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Every week, as we prepare for Shabbat, we think about what to cook for our families that will make the day special. And although it’s a mitzvah to create special dishes for our Shabbat tables, it’s also easy to fall into a cooking rut each week.

This roundup is your solution—a collection of handpicked main dish recipes that promise to inspire and elevate your Shabbat meals.

From succulent chicken dishes to fragrant roasts, each recipe deserves a spot on this list of Best Shabbat Main Dish Recipe Ideas and is crafted to infuse your Shabbat with flavors that are not only delicious but also reflect the spirit of this holy day.

We hope this list is the resource you’ve been looking for. Be sure to save it so it’s handy when you need it most.

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1. Easy Chicken Marsala by Faigy Grossman

I often reserve or freeze leftover chicken soup to use in sauces or other soups where the chicken soup can add lots of flavor. Scalloped or mashed potatoes and chicken Marsala are all great dishes for using leftover chicken soup to achieve really flavorful results.

2. Crockpot BBQ Chicken by Rivky Kleiman

Chicken on the bone gained an all-new respect when I served this dish. The chicken was so moist and flavorful that even my pickiest eater licked his plate clean.

3. Chicken Steaks by Gitty Friedman

A soft, juicy, and easy-to-prepare main dish that’s fancy enough for a Yom Tov seudah—truly the best of both worlds!

4. Super-Savory Roast by Michal Frischman

I was looking for a relatively inexpensive cut of meat that would still be great at medium rare, and Reb Yehoshua of Gourmet Glatt suggested the California roast, which is a netted chuck-eye roast. Try to buy one with good marbling!

5. Glazed Corned Beef by Brynie Greisman

It was snowing in Jerusalem when I decided that it was a perfect time to get into the kitchen (not sure when I’m actually out of the kitchen!!) and do my experimenting. What better way to warm up the house? So I made bread and soup and more soup, and then I was fiddling with different ingredients to create this glaze. I was so excited that I ran (in the snow!) to my connoisseur friend, Rochel, and told her to give me her opinion. When she said just one word: “Heaven,” I knew this recipe was in. Sweet, tangy, and unique.

6. Brisket with Horseradish Crust by Estee Kafra

While horseradish has a strong and pungent taste, as it cooks down and is combined with the celery it adds a wonderful mellow flavor to the meat. You can use a second fillet brisket for this recipe as well, just be a bit more generous with the salt when seasoning the meat.

7. Spiked Marinated Roast by Brynie Greisman

Don’t be put off by the whiskey and liqueur in this recipe. They help tenderize the roast and infuse it with awesome flavor. The cocoa gives the gravy a gorgeous mahogany hue. Easy to prepare and delightful to savor. Freezes beautifully.

8. Slow-Cooked Ribs by Estee Kafra

The few ingredients in this recipe leave you with a soft meat, full of flavor.

9. Maple Bourbon Oyster Steaks by The Peppermill

Tender and juicy steaks perfect for the holidays and all your special occasions.

10. Rice Stuffed Silan Capons by Charnie Kohn

An elegant, elevated chicken dish that will look right at home on your Shabbat or Yom Tov table.

11. Softest Chicken Ever by Brynie Greisman

This recipe starts by marinating the chicken overnight to infuse it with awesome taste in every bite. Cooking it in a Crock-Pot results in chicken that literally falls off the bone. You’re going to love it!

12. Pesto Chicken Capons with Sundried Tomato Potato Stuffing by Chanie Apfelbaum

One of my favorite dishes at a local Brooklyn pizza spot is called Pizza De Nonna. It’s got pesto and marinara sauce, an outrageous combination. Pesto and tomatoes are a match made in heaven, and this recipe is no different.

13. Easy Honey-Garlic Chicken from the Dining In Cookbook

This chicken recipe is custom-made for a sweet tooth!

14. Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce by Elizabeth Kurtz

15. Montreal Spiced Braised Brisket by Shifra Klein

Use first or second cut, depending on your preference for a lean (first cut) or fattier (second cut) roast. You can also make this recipe with minute roast, top of rib roast or French roast. Freezes well. As seen in Fleishigs Magazine.

16. Fall-off-the-Bone Ribs by Rivky Kleiman

The name says it all! The ultimate rib experience.

17. The One and Only Meat Marinade You’ll Need This Summer by Malky Ludmir

Not all of us are ready to splurge on a pricey cut of meat for the whole family or when entertaining a larger crowd. I was determined to find you an amazing marinade that will tenderize any cheaper cut of meat so that it’s soft and delicious. I reached out to Leon Yerkhimovich, who runs the meat department at Gourmet Glatt, and he was gracious enough to share this recipe. I tested it on a London broil and it was outrageously delicious. Feel free to try it on any cut of meat.

18. Tomato Basil Chicken Steaks by Chanie Nayman

Olives are a no-brainer, straight ticket to bold flavor for me, so this chicken kind of just happened one Erev Shabbos. I knew it would be a winner, so I wrote it down immediately!

19. Rack of Spare Ribs by Leah Leora

Delicious, easy, and finger-licking good.

20. Veal Rack with Butternut Squash Cream and Sautéed Mushrooms by Adina Schlass

The combination of the veal with a tarragon crust and the thyme-infused cream comes together to hit every note. I love that it can be served as a composed dish or plated family style.

21. Easy Fresh Herb Chicken by Lois Held and Roberta Scher

22. Pastrami-Stuffed Dark Chicken Roast with Honey-Mustard Glaze by Zehava Krohn

23. Winning with Wine Brisket by Estee Kafra

My favorite cut of meat for this recipe is what my butcher calls the “New York roast,” but I often use a double brisket as well. The double brisket is a bit fattier, and as always, whether we like it or not, fat adds flavor.

24. Meat on the Fast Track by Chanie Nayman

Cuts of meat that do well with fast cooking include cuts from the rib, and sometimes the shoulder. (The only exception to this is top-of-the-rib roast, which needs to be cooked low and slow.) The first sauce is a gremolata, and it gets spooned over meat, or is eaten alongside it, almost like a relish. The pan sauce is served alongside the meat as well. Take your choice between the two of them!

25. Savory Pickled Dark Turkey Roast by Rivky Kleiman

Fact… my family’s preference is always beef. Fact… there were no leftovers. Need I say more?

26. Fantastic Glazed Pargiyot by Faigy Grossman

These pargiyot (deboned chicken bottoms) are infused with an amazing, addictive, and flavorful sauce that is out of this world! It doesn’t hurt that it’s a one-pan, quick-and-easy main dish too. Definitely sophisticated enough for a simchah or Yom Tov — just add the garnish to enhance the presentation.

27. Mega Mushroom Beef Marsala by Chavi Feldman

I make the classic pepper steak recipe for dinner quite often, but now I was simply in the mood of a change. I figured I’d incorporate the mushroom marsala flavoring into this dish and swap out the chicken for beef. With enthusiastic accolades, all mushroom lovers in my home insisted I make this the new normal going forward!

28. Caramelized Onion, Honey, and Chestnut Chicken by Tammy Israel

Full of flavor and easy to put together- you can’t go wrong with adding this chicken, caramelized onion and chestnut dish to your menu.

29. Gourmet Succulent Chicken Steaks by Faigy Grossman

I tried to get in touch with a chef about the best way to prepare chicken steaks, but had no luck reaching him. I just decided to do my own thing, using the motto “less is more.” The chicken was absolutely out of this world — no better way to say it! So easy, and oh, so good!

30. Fruit-Infused Chuck Roast by Brynie Greisman

The meat is cooked in a slow cooker, which makes it really soft and succulent. The fruity wine sauce is both sweet and savory. As my family and guests quipped, “This is restaurant worthy!”

31. Sweet ‘n Spicy Grilled Chicken by Brynie Greisman

I just tried this sweet and spicy grilled chicken on my family, because I too was looking for something interesting, and everyone loved it. It’s not your typical grilled chicken — it has a zing to it that is so appealing!

32. Red Wine and Date Brisket by Sina Mizrahi

I love a good festive roast. I added dates and silan to bring sweetness and complement the deep, flavorful cooking wine. It’s a crowd pleaser and so simple to make.

33. Spicy Ratatouille-Stuffed Mini Chicken Capons by Chaia Frishman

I love creating recipes for chicken capons, and I’m just getting started! The beauty of this recipe is that after stuffing the capons, you can use the rest of the mixture as a side dish for a different meal.
This dish makes an awesome appetizer. Served over mashed potatoes or as a second main!

34. Stuffed Schnitzel by Brynie Greisman

I made this schnitzel for Yom Tov and had a lot of bochurim as guests. They couldn’t eat enough of it! I know bochurim eat anything, but these had discerning palates (at least I hope so!). My family enjoyed it too, so you can rely on their opinion. They do have discerning palates! This recipe is from Simi H.